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19 Mar Ep. 31 Shannon St. Pierre-Snapchat, Foreclosures, Passive-Income, Comps, and Appraisals


In this episode Adam talks with Hermann London Realtor, Shannon St. Pierre about EVERYTHING! They discuss how Realtors can use Snapchat, buying foreclosures, Adam’s $10,000 a month passive-income goal, and how one Realtor plans on using offers as comps to help with the appraisal.

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:53 Adam introduces Hermann London Realtor, Shannon St. Pierre
2:30 Gary Vaynerchuck’s views on Snapchat & how Realtors use social media
7:52 Adam made an offer on a single family home. Why didn’t the tenant buy it first
22:22 Adam has a passive-income goal of $10,000 a month
31:30 Setting up an LLC
34:08 Hermann London needs more properties even if it is inherited or burned out
34:55 A lender might call a loan if an owner moves out and make them refinance
39:30 How does a lender know if the owner moves out
41:30 Adam is a little frustrated that home prices are going up
43:28 Looking at past prices when making offers but forgetting about appreciation
44:10 Can a Realtor use offers as comps when appraising
49:00 There was 1 house for sale in Maplewood/Richmond Heights School District
50:57 Beware of foreclosure websites especially regarding inspections
55:00 Adam firmly believes in the value of home staging. His brother & mom own Watson Home Staging
56:28 How to contact Shannon- CELL: 314-583-0070 EMAIL: Shannon@LivingTowerGrove.com

Adam Kruse & Shannon St. Pierre

Adam Kruse & Shannon St. Pierre

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