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13 Apr Ep. 32 Brian Klarich of AB Rents and ProperVest-Contractor-Flipping


In this episode, Adam talks to Brian Klarich of AB Rents and ProperVest about being a contractor, how he stays motivated, flipping houses, and how his Snapchat game got to be so strong. Email questions to PODCAST@HermannLondon.com

Adam Kruse and Brian Klarich

Adam Kruse and Brian Klarich










0:50 There is low inventory.
1:29 Hermann London’s goal is to sell $50 million in real estate this year
1:49 First annual Hermann London Easter Egg Hunt at Deer Creek park
2:28 There are a few Hermann London Realtors looking for agents to join their team
3:10 Adam has a summer intern from Mizzou
3:48 Adam introduces Brian Klarich from A+B Acquisitions
4:43 Adam and Brian own a company called ProperVest
7:09 Brian hates big real estate seminars
13:42 The real learning begins when you actually buy that 1st property
14:44 Brian’s 1st houses were problematic. Thank God he didn’t have a wife or kids at the time.
18:28 ProperVest is perfect for investors who are not experts in every aspect of real estate
22:25 The horror stories of a recently acquired 30 unit property that Brian is fixing up
26:21 What should someone do instead of going to a big seminar
32:08 The first time Adam and Brian met
37:22 Using ProperVest to diversify investments
38:30 Who lives under Brian’s roof
39:22 When is Brian at his best
39:40 What is Brian’s favorite blog or podcast
41:00 What is Brian’s guilty pleasure
41:35 Who is Brian’s mentor
46:40 Follow Brian on SnapChat under @SenatorEricJame

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