Hermann London 30/30 Transition Program

29 Sep Best Real Estate Transition Program In St. Louis

The 30/30 Program

Traditionally, changing real estate agencies has been a major undertaking. Which is why here at Hermann London, we have created the 30/30 program: An innovative way to help you make a seamless transition to our firm.

We provide the support, guidance and service you will need at every stage of the transition process: focusing especially on the 30 days before you join us and the 30 days after.

Our 30/30 program involves 4 key stages.

Each stage is 15 days long and covers the critical aspects of the pre and post hire process.

  1. Stage1: The first stage is important for a smooth integration into the company. You would visit the office and meet all team members that will help you be successful in your business transactions. You would also then fill out your integration planner, which is a tool to help you build your own customized business plan checklist for the rest of the 30/30 transitioning process. Also, our broker will assist you in moving current listing and buyer agreements over to Hermann London. Transitioning your client and contact database would also happen during this stage. The Hermann London handbook would also be provided for the transition that would include information such as the 90 Day Marketing Plan, Office Procedures, and much more.
  2. Stage 2: The second stage of the transition is from the 15 days before your start date till the actual day when you start at the company. This stage is set up to get you ready to start in the office. Technology overhaul would take place to help change and update any sites to help them launch. Also, 3 hours of web design help would be allocated if need be. A member of the Hermann London team would always be available to help with social networking and personal branding. A marketing meeting will take place to make sure that your personal marketing needs as well.
  3. Stage 3: From the start day to your 15th day with the company is when stage three occurs. This stage gets you ready for launching your business out of the Hermann London Offices. Our administrative assistant will help you set up in the office and take care of paperwork to transfer your licence. Initial marketing starts at this stage. Sending out introductory packets and announcements to your clients are critical in building self-branding. Also, in congratulations of joining the firm, here at Hermann London we feel publicity of the move into the company is important as well.
  4. Stage 4: The final integration stage lasts from your 15th day till the end of the first month of being at the company. This time period is allocated to get settled in at Hermann London. In stage four, you would receive a tour of the website site and internet usage. Also, you would be setting up all of the in-office networks and connections needed. A personal Hermann London email address would also be set up in this stage. A meeting with your broker to go over marketing plans is important in this stage in order to provide you with all possible tools available to you.

On top of the 30/30 plan, we provide a tailor made training binder to help with transitioning into Hermann London.

This binder includes market plans, office procedures, office subsidies and benefits, any documents needed to make a license switch, continuing education tips and much more. Also, we provide a list of all websites that may need to be changed or update in order to keep your client base up to date on where you working from.

This approach can dramatically improve your ability to transition your practice while proactively eliminating many of the common pitfalls that can occur during integration.

Have questions about our 30/30 program?

Ask our leader, Adam Kruse