28 Aug

I can say with confidence, from the perspectives of a father of two toddlers, a Realtor, Investment Consultant, and Servant Leader (18 years with Lowe’s Home Improvement), I always keep my core values and behaviors at the center of my everyday purpose.

I work closely with my colleague and partner, Alicia Sierra, who brings a combined 19 years of experience as a real estate agent, investment specialist, and more. We are 100% committed towards delivering a seamless experience, by listening intently to you and responding with a consistent sense of urgency. We will be who we say we are through giving our best always.

I am a strong believer in delivering that experience, from embracing not only your perspective and voice, but other diverse perspectives and voices as well. I am magnificently skilled at gathering information through asking open-ended questions and identifying what your needs and wants are. Many clients have a need behind a need and I hold myself accountable towards capturing that need & providing an outstanding service experience.