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14 Mar VIDEO: Happy St. Louis Day! #314Day

Every year on March 14th the entire city of St. Louis, Missouri celebrates everything that makes this city special. The area code for most of St. Louis city and county is 314 so March 14th was a perfect day to choose as St. Louis Day. On St. Louis Day tons of local businesses offer deals like 31.4% off your purchase or $3.14 for a meal and the community as a whole encourages each other to support those local businesses while showing off their city pride by listening to local musical artists like Nelly and wearing items like Cardinals and Blues jerseys.

Here at Hermann London we’re not just real estate agents; we’re personal advocates, business advisors, and neighbors, committed to helping grow vibrant and thriving communities in St. Louis for you and your family. Happy #314day, and no, we aren’t talking about pi.

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