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Hermann London is the name to remember when you need property management services in St. Louis. For more than a decade, our professional property managers have been running some of the most notable properties in St. Louis. Recognized many times for quality and integrity, our property management team is ready to manage and protect your investment efficiently.


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From rental homes to rental units, commercial buildings to warehouses, Hermann London specializes in all kinds of property management in St. Louis and southern Illinois.

Our trained and licensed property managers act as an extension of your business team — we do not take for granted the trust you place in us when you put your property in our care.  From advertising and marketing, to rent collection, conflict resolution, and more, our turnkey property management solutions will give you peace of mind and more time to focus on other important business. We treat each property as if it were our own, and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Every property has different needs. The property management team at Hermann London understands this and has developed proven standards and procedures for managing even the most challenging properties. It’s why so many St. Louis businesses trust our property managers to represent some of the metro area’s most notable residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  From our extensive screening procedures to quarterly inspections, we proactively seek to find potential problems before they become real issues. If you’re looking for quality, efficiency, and accountability in a property management partner, look no further than Hermann London.


Hermann London is the best choice in association management throughout St. Louis and southern Illinois.

Condominium and homeowner associations (HOAs) offer valuable benefits to your community, but they can be challenging and time-intensive to manage. As the premier association management agency in St. Louis, Hermann London offers association management services designed to create the best possible living environment for you and your family. From assessment collection to budgeting, service contracts to compliance issues, our licensed agents will manage your association’s finances, administration, and maintenance — so you can spend more time enjoying your neighborhood, not managing it.

With more than 10 years of experience in association management in St. Louis, we’ve developed proven processes that deliver results and peace of mind at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for management for an existing community or need to form an association for a new development, Hermann London can help.

The Best Property Management in St. Louis, MO, Your #1 Company: An In-Depth Overview

They say the heart of a home lies within its walls, but we argue the soul lies in its management. The diligent care and upkeep can turn a simple property into a treasured home or a profitable venture. And that’s precisely where property management in St. Louis enters the picture.

Property Management in St. Louis

Property Management in St. Louis


Property management is the overseeing of real estate, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. In St. Louis, a city known for its diversity and charm, property management takes on an extra layer of complexity due to its unique cityscape.

Understanding the Basics

Property management encompasses a broad array of responsibilities, including tenant acquisition, lease negotiation, property maintenance, rent collection, and even navigating the complex legal waters of the housing industry.

For those looking to delve into property management in St. Louis, it’s essential to understand the city’s real estate landscape, the various types of properties available, and the demographics of prospective tenants.

Types of Properties in St. Louis

St. Louis boasts a rich mixture of property types, from historic townhomes in Soulard to luxury high-rises in the Central West End, suburban homes in Chesterfield, and industrial spaces in the North Riverfront area.

Demographics and Tenants

Understanding the demographic of tenants is a crucial factor in property management in St. Louis. The city’s population comprises diverse age groups, cultural backgrounds, and professions, influencing rental trends and demand for different properties.

Key Responsibilities of a Property Manager in St. Louis

Stepping into the shoes of a property manager in St. Louis, one must be ready to wear many hats. It’s not a one-size-fits-all profession, and the range of responsibilities often varies based on the type of property being managed.

Tenant Acquisition and Relationship Management

A significant part of property management involves tenant acquisition. It requires understanding the local market, effectively advertising properties, and matching them with the right tenants in St. Louis.

Maintenance and Repairs

Property maintenance is critical to ensuring tenants’ comfort and safety. Regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and swift response to repair requests are all part of a St. Louis property manager’s responsibilities.

Why St. Louis is a Hot Spot for Property Management

What sets St. Louis apart from other cities regarding property management? Several factors make it an attractive option for property owners and managers alike.

The Diverse Real Estate Market

St. Louis’s real estate market offers various properties catering to multiple needs. This diversity allows property managers to specialize in certain types of residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

A Thriving Rental Market

With a steady stream of students, young professionals, and families looking for homes, St. Louis’s rental market is bustling. This constant demand makes property management in St. Louis a lucrative business.

Navigating Challenges in Property Management

While property management in St. Louis can be rewarding but comes with its fair share of challenges, however, understanding these challenges can lead to better preparedness and success.

Understanding Local Laws and Regulations

St. Louis, like any city, has specific laws and regulations related to property management. Understanding these laws can help prevent legal issues and ensure a fair and respectful relationship with tenants.

Weathering Economic Fluctuations

The real estate market can be susceptible to economic changes. Navigating these fluctuations can be challenging, but property managers in St. Louis can weather these changes with proper planning and strategies.

Boosting Your Success in Property Management

Successful property management in St. Louis isn’t just about having properties to manage; it’s about working them well.

Leveraging Technology

Embracing technology can streamline processes, improve communication with tenants, and keep track of all aspects of property management.

Building Strong Relationships

Property management isn’t just about properties; it’s about people too. Building solid relationships with tenants and service providers can boost your success in property management in St. Louis.

FAQs on Property Management in St. Louis

Q: How can I become a property manager in St. Louis?

A: To become a property manager in St. Louis, you need a firm understanding of the real estate market, relevant qualifications, and experience in handling properties.

Q: What are the legal responsibilities of a property manager in St. Louis?

A: These include complying with housing laws, handling leases and contracts, and dealing with tenant issues lawfully.

Q: How do property managers in St. Louis handle maintenance and repairs?

A: Property managers either have an in-house maintenance team or contract with local service providers to handle maintenance and repairs.

Q: What types of properties are there in St. Louis?

A: St. Louis offers various properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Q: How can technology improve property management in St. Louis?

A: Technology can streamline operations, facilitate better communication with tenants, and automate various aspects of property management.

Q: Why is St. Louis a good location for property management?

A: St. Louis has a diverse and active rental market, making it an attractive location for property management.


Navigating the ins and outs of property management in St. Louis can seem daunting, but it can become a fulfilling and profitable venture with the proper understanding and strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, St. Louis provides a vibrant backdrop for your property management journey.

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