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04 Apr A Winning Combination: St. Louis BattleHawks and City Soccer Teams Boost Real Estate Market

The St. Louis real estate market has been experiencing a renaissance, and it’s not just because of the usual factors like a strong economy, job growth, and affordable housing. The recent introduction of two new professional sports franchises – the St. Louis BattleHawks of the XFL and the St. Louis City Soccer Club of Major League Soccer – has played a significant role in revitalizing the area. This article will explore how these two teams have contributed to a more vibrant and attractive real estate market in St. Louis.

The BattleHawks Take Flight

In 2020, St. Louis welcomed the BattleHawks to the city as part of the XFL’s relaunch. The team immediately captured the hearts of local sports enthusiasts, with home games being played at The Dome at America’s Center. The BattleHawks’ presence not only brought excitement back to downtown St. Louis but also generated considerable economic activity around the stadium.

As a result, the area surrounding The Dome at America’s Center has experienced a surge in demand for real estate. Developers have taken notice, investing in new residential projects, hotels, and mixed-use developments. These investments have not only increased property values but also transformed the neighborhood into a more lively and appealing place to live and visit.

St. Louis City Soccer Club Kicks Off

In 2023, the St. Louis City Soccer Club made its debut in Major League Soccer, further cementing the city’s reputation as a burgeoning sports hub. The new soccer-specific stadium, located in the Downtown West district, has become a catalyst for further growth and development in the area.

The arrival of the soccer club has spurred additional investment in the surrounding neighborhoods, leading to the development of new restaurants, bars, and retail spaces catering to the growing fan base. These improvements have increased the desirability of living in the Downtown West district, driving up property values and attracting new residents.

Real Estate Impacts Beyond the Stadiums

The positive impacts of the BattleHawks and City Soccer Club extend beyond their immediate surroundings. With a renewed sense of pride in the city, the demand for real estate throughout St. Louis has increased. Suburbs and satellite towns have also benefited from this renewed interest, as the success of the sports teams has drawn attention to the region’s overall appeal.

Moreover, the addition of these teams has created new job opportunities, both directly and indirectly, contributing to a stronger local economy. This economic growth, in turn, has attracted new residents and businesses, further fueling the real estate market’s expansion.

The addition of the St. Louis BattleHawks and City Soccer Club has had a ripple effect on the region’s real estate market, attracting new investment, spurring development, and generating excitement in the city. As a result, St. Louis has become an even more attractive destination for homebuyers and businesses alike. The revitalized real estate market is a testament to the power of sports to unite communities, boost local economies, and improve the quality of life for residents.


Adam Kruse, REALTOR®
Owner/Broker – Hermann London

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