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29 Dec Affordable Strategies to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your home can be an overwhelming task. It is hard to determine where to start and what exactly to do that will give you the best bang for your buck. As a real estate agent there are certain tips that I advise my sellers to do EVERY time in order to sell their home fast and get the best selling price for their home.

The first tip is to declutter. If your closets, pantry and other storage spaces are overcrowded and overflowing, then buyers are automatically going to assume if there is not enough room for you, then there will not be enough room for them. A good place to start is by removing items you can live without and making the storage spaces appear plentiful and spacious. This removal process can apply to living spaces as well.

Another cheap and easy fix is to paint. The color of your paint DOES matter because we want buyers to pay attention to the features of your home and not be distracted by the wall paint. Neutral colors such as warm whites, shades of beige and soft grays can help make rooms appear larger, brighter and help buyers picture themselves in the space. Paint is also a great way to make the home feel fresh and new again.

Gold was a popular finish once upon a time, but nowadays the preferred finishes are antique bronze, brushed nickel and even chrome. Whether it is the interior and exterior door knobs and light fixtures, bathroom and kitchen faucets, cabinet pulls, hardware and accessories, these would all be preferred with the more updated finish colors for most buyers looking today.

Removing very taste specific and personal items is crucial to your home sale. It is important to remove personal pictures when trying to sell your home because many buyers will pay attention to the photographs and try to piece together your life rather than seeing themselves and their own belongings in the home. Cultural and religious items can deter and distract buyers as well and also need to be removed or placed in a more discreet place.

Rugs can create the same problem as bright, bold paint colors on walls. If a rug is too taste specific, especially in the living areas it can be a real distraction to buyers, again taking away from important features such as a fireplace or beautiful custom shelving. Sellers are often mistaken when they believe an abundance of rugs makes a room feel cozy. The fact is a that if a rug is too large or there are too many rugs in one room, they can make the room appear smaller and darker.

The final piece of advice I share with all sellers it to make the best first impression and that all starts when the buyer pulls up to your home. Make sure and give some attention to curb appeal, whether it is planting flowers, keeping up with regular maintenance or applying the same tips that have been shared in regards to the interior of the home, such as updating fixtures and finishes, using neutral paint, decluttering and removing items that would be too taste specific.

These simple and affordable tips will definitely give you a head start when it comes to selling your home quickly and at the best price. Buyers will be able to come in and effortlessly see how they can make the home their own and undoubtedly appreciate the same features that once made you fall in love with it.

Nidhi Soni - Realtor
Nidhi Soni

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