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05 Apr Christy Kramlich on Maplewood

Hello everyone, Christy Kramlich, Realtor® here.

The question everyone asks me is how long have I lived in Maplewood. Well, the answer is a very long time. I bought my house in July of 1981 when no one wanted to live in Maplewood and my house cost very little. My goal was to gut, rehab, move in, and stay for just five years. Life had a different idea as I am still here 41 years later. I found out pretty quickly that I am in an area that welcomes all people, helps those in need, and supports small businesses. My children have gone through the MRH schools, enjoyed this community and one of them even bought a house here. I was once the young person on my street and now I am the old one! My plan is to stay put, support the community I love, and help those around me ’til death do I part within my hometown of Maplewood, MO so lord knows how long that will be!

Christy Kramlich
Christy Kramlich - REALTOR®