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5700 Leona Street 63116 - Grace United Church



Buying a church can be complex and time-consuming. At Hermann London, we have dedicated space finders who deal specifically in the church industry.  As one of the only St. Louis-based real estate firms specializing in churches, our professionals have extensive knowledge in the field.

Almost every church starts out meeting in a temporary place like a community center or school gym, but once the congregation starts to outgrow the space, you will undoubtedly start looking for a permanent place to call home. Before buying a property for your church you will need to consider things like whether there will be enough room for parking, if there will be room to build as your congregation continues to grow, how much it will cost to upgrade the audio/visuals, whether the land is zoned for a church, and what the land development costs will be.

The firm has extensive relationships with property owners, developers, lending institutions, insurance agencies, and others who will ensure a seamless transaction.

We understand your time is valuable. The professionals at Hermann London are skilled negotiators and experts in the field who solely focus on ensuring your growth and success.


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