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Buying or leasing a space for your future warehouse can be complex and time-consuming. At Hermann London, we have dedicated space finders who deal specifically in the warehouses and the shipping/logistics industry.

Whether you are looking to share part of an existing warehouse with a bunch of other businesses or buy an entire warehouse just for your own business, there are a few things to consider, and almost all of it comes down to space.

• How much land do you have to work with and is it close to the highway, train yards, and ports? More land means more room for storage, parking, and expansion. Proximity to the transportation systems means fewer fuel costs.

• How wide are the aisles and doors and how high are the ceilings? You will need to know the “clear height”, or how much room there is between the floor and any ceiling obstructions like the lights and ceiling fans.

• Are the loading docks on the inside or the outside of the warehouse?

• How much of the warehouse is office space?

• Will you be storing hazardous materials? There are rules and regulations for storing hazardous materials.

• Are the items you store heat sensitive? It is going to cost a lot more to cool a large warehouse.

• How heavy are the items you will be storing? You don’t want to crack the foundation of your warehouse.


Hermann London has extensive relationships with property owners, developers, lending institutions, insurance agencies, and others who will ensure a seamless transaction.

We understand that as a business owner, your time is valuable. The professionals at Hermann London are skilled negotiators and experts in the field who solely focus on ensuring your growth and success.


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