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23 May Does Curb Appeal Affect Appraisal and Really Add Home Value?

You only get one shot to impress potential buyers enough to get them through the front door. Increasing curb appeal doesn’t just bring people in, though. Adding curb appeal is a great way to increase the resale value of your home. Estimates vary, but in the St. Louis area, for example, Hermann London real estate agents often see exterior improvement and landscaping return on investment (ROI) start at 150% — and often exceed that. For relatively little cost, you can drive up your home’s appraisal value with low-cost, high-return investments in landscaping and exterior improvements.

“Curb Appeal” Is Your “First Impression”

Here are just 7 fast and affordable ways to add curb appeal to your home:

1. Maintain the Lawn

Keep up with regular lawn maintenance like watering, mowing and weeding. Small details like edging the driveway and trimming overgrown shrubs also make a big impact on buyers.

Pro Tip: Add new mulch. It’s a fast and affordable way to improve curb appeal and accent your home.

2. Focus on the Front Door

The front door is the natural focal point of your home. Paint your front door in a bright and bold color to make your home really “pop,” and consider smaller touches, like adding a new lockset or address numbers, to increase visual interest.

3. Add Potted Plants

Professional landscaping can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, but simple additions like potted flowers, shrubs and ornamental grasses are a great way to add an attractive splash of color to your home.

Pro Tip: Try adding a small “garden” of potted plants near your front door to instantly create a more attractive entryway.

4. Clean It Up

You’ll be amazed how simply removing the dirt, dust, and grime collected on your brickwork, siding and walkways will instantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Soapy water and a soft-bristled brush is great for scrubbing siding while a power washer (easily rented for $50-75) is perfect for returning brick and stone pathways to their natural color.

5. Pay Attention to the Roof

Don’t forget the roof. The condition of the roof is one of the first things that appraisers and buyers will consider in evaluating your home. Roof replacement is expensive, and you won’t always get your money back in the sale (check out this list from the National Association of REALTORS® to see if a replacement is the right option for you).

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a good cleaning to remove dirt and moss, or a partial repair to address immediate issues and add some serious curb appeal.

6. Freshen up the Paint

Faded, peeling paint quickly turns off buyers. Add instant curb appeal by repainting your home’s exterior. For a few hundred dollars of paint and materials, you can DIY, or hire a professional crew for a couple thousand. Either way, new paint makes a dramatic difference.

Pro Tip: Resist the urge to make a statement with your choice of paint color. Choose a color that matches your home’s existing paint color — or one that is at least relatively neutral.

7. Upgrade the Mailbox

Adding a decorative mailbox for $100-$250 is an easy, affordable way to add visual interest and complement the style of your home. Boost curb appeal even more by planting flowers or ornamental grasses around the base.

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