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10 Jun Heritage of Hawk Ridge: Local Active 55+ Community Paradise, Right in Your Backyard—Part II

Last month we talked about some of the advantages of living in an active 55+ community such as Heritage of Hawk Ridge in St. Charles. Also about the fact that the development of a place such as Heritage of Hawk Ridge was a game changer for retirees looking for their retirement oasis, but not wanting to leave Missouri where their children and grandchildren reside. Being a hidden paradise burrowed off of Highway 40(I-64) in Lake St. Louis has given the illusion of being taken away to a whole new life, but all practically in your current backyard. Gone are the days of uprooting and having to venture off to Florida to find your perfect active 55+ community.

Advantages of active 55+ community living at Heritage of Hawk Ridge

Some of the advantages we spoke about in last month’s blog post, Heritage of Hawk Ridge: Local Active 55+ Community Paradise, Right in Your Backyard, were:

  • Low maintenance living
  • Close proximity to dining and entertainment
  • Access to community facilities
  • Living around people who are of the same age, and like-minded
  • Resort-like atmosphere

As Baby Boomers enter into retirement, they have really changed what retirement looks like and means. They aren’t ready to go to an “old folks” home, and many still live vibrant, active lifestyles. This is why active 55+ communities, such as Heritage of Hawk Ridge in St. Charles County, have become the new gold standard of retirement living. But we went over much of the active 55+ living community breakdown in our last blog, so hop over to that one first if you missed out on that.

Insight on available real estate in Heritage of Hawk Ridge

For those of you whose interest was peaked about being able to obtain the active living lifestyle so close to home, I wanted to give you a little more insight to what Heritage of Hawk Ridge has to offer, as far as the actual real estate available currently, and the history.

Heritage of Hawk Ridge development started 15 years ago when Whittaker started the neighborhood. They started with a mixture of attached villas and detached villas. Today there’s roughly 50 attached villas in the community, with 12 being walkouts. These are the most affordable properties in the subdivision with prices ranging from $180k-$220k.

When Pulte took over the community they stopped building attached villas. Due to the lack of inventory on the attached villas they sell fairly quickly. These villas offer 6 different floor plans; however, owners are responsible for all exterior maintenance; except for the grass and snow removal. This oustanding price point makes these villas a hot commodity at Heritage of Hawk Ridge!

The second most affordable are the 1500-1800 sq. ft. house size range. These are Whittaker homes, mostly located on Hawks Landing Dr, Pigeon Dr., and Seahawk Dr. While these homes are at a higher price point, they do have 7 different floor plans. These homes typically back up to the farm or other homes. They were selling in the $275k-$325k range last year, but are now in the $300k-$350k. As the community grows, there are less buildable lots available; which means prices are increasing quickly! If a move to this beautiful 55+ community is something you’re considering, I would highly recommend reaching out soon!

The third bracket are the luxury homes that are built on premium lots by the golf course. Luxury homes are priced around $375k-$400+. These are also original Whittaker homes ranging from 1700 sq. ft-2500 sq. ft. These gorgeous homes are primarily on Hawks Landing Dr. and Seahawk Dr., and offer 5 total floor plans. Depending on the floor plan in the home some of these luxury homes also boast beautiful loft spaces. Most also have finished basements. These are the most sought after homes, but are 12-15 years old. The lots that come with these homes are incredibly desirable, and are a must-see!

Whittaker, the builder of these homes, allowed owners to make custom changes to their original floor plans. This means some homes are builder grade whereas others might have every option available. This doesn’t mean one is better than the other though! Depending on what your wants, needs, and budget are, all determine which home is the perfect fit for you. When looking at pricing on these homes, upgrades that increase cost are typically:

  • lot
  • view
  • finished walkout basements
  • sunrooms
  • screened in porches, &
  • covered decks

The 4th bracket are the Pulte and Lombardo homes. Many homes were sold through Pulte, but by the time they came around most of the premium lots were taken. Most Pulte homes back up to other homes, but they did introduce the 3rd car garage option, which was extremely popular! These homes are typically located in the back part of the subdivision which include: Harrier Dr., Barn Swallow, Song Sparrow, Owl’s Perch, Falconcrest, Ostrich, and Sunbird. Pulte introduced 6 total floor plans to the neighborhood, and their resales are 1600 sq. ft. -2500 sq. ft. These homes currently are selling in the $300k’s.

Lombardo is a custom home builder, and they bought off Pulte, so they are presently doing any new construction. Their current builds are top-notch, and offer plenty of upgrades. Of course this means the sticker price comes in higher, with prices ranging from $400k-$500k. If something more upscale like this peaks your interest, don’t wait! They have only 13 lots left. Lombardo has several floor plans to pick from, and they are also using two of Pulte’s original floor plans.

Determining what 55+ active living community is right for you

If you read through the last post and this one, my guess is you know an active 55+ living community is right for you; it’s just a matter of where. Heritage of Hawk Ridge has various styles and price points as you can see. Plus, you get the advantage of staying close to family whether you’re from St. Louis, St. Charles, or elsewhere in Missouri really!

Heritage of Hawk Ridge is the premier destination for active living if staying close to home is a priority, but you still want to feel the relaxing atmosphere of a retirement community with all the perks of retirement community: tranquility, accessible facilities, low maintenance, like-minded neighbors, and resort-like atmosphere!

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