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Crista Patton - ABR®, SFR®

08 Mar Hermann London Agent Takes on The Choco Challenge!

Have you heard about the Choco Challenge? The Chocolate Challenge by Fuego is a challenge that was created to help support prostate cancer. For every box bought, Fuego donates $5 to prostate cancer research. So far they have raised over $62,000 of their $100,000 goal.

What does the challenge entail?  The challenge requires you to eat the world’s spiciest mini chocolate bar. The bar is infused with the unreleased black reaper pepper. This pepper is hotter than the Carolina Reaper!

Our agent, Crista Patton, is never one to back down from a challenge and decided to partake in this challenge while answering your hot topic real estate questions. Seriously, you do not want to miss this video!

Watch Crista Take on the Choco Challenge! 

Did you notice Crista’s grit and determination to get through the challenge? Did you notice her ability to have fun and laugh while extremely uncomfortable?  Crista will bring the same determination and fun while helping you with your real estate needs. Call Crista today to help you find your dream home, and to see if her stomach has recovered.

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