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Closing Day: What Homebuyers Should Expect

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Getting an accepted offer on a home is huge – closing on the home is even bigger. Learn about what exactly a buyer should expect during closing and tips to make sure it is successful.

What Exactly Is the Closing?

Closing is the process in which the home’s title is legally transferred from seller to buyer, and payment is transferred to the seller. For the seller — it’s also the time that they’ll pay off any remaining home loans, taxes, as well as anyone involved in selling the house.

What Should the Buyer Bring on Closing Day?

On closing day the buyer will need to bring:


  • A driver’s license or passport
  • Certified funds (cashier’s check) or wiring instructions. You will find out the exact amount likely at the very last minute
  • Any outstanding documents the title company still needs
When Will The Buyer Have Access to Their New Home?

The buyer will not have access to the property until the seller’s title company receives the money, which may be hours and in some cases the day after closing. It is best practice to not schedule any movers, etc. until the following business day.

Once the REALTOR® hears that funding has happened, the home is officially property of the buyer! We encourage the buyer to go over and change the locks as soon as they’ve been notified the funding has gone through.

The Buyer and Seller Will Not Meet

The buyer and seller have the option to close at different times, even closing with different title companies. At the closing it will be the buyer, the title company rep,  often the lender will attend, and your Hermann London agent will generally attend.

Hand Over the Keys

All the paperwork required at closing will already be prepared upon arrival. The REALTORS®, the title company, and lenders do the heavy lifting in advance. After the funds have been transferred and both parties have signed the paperwork, the buyer’s agent will get the buyer access to the keys (and probably try to snap a selfie).

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