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04 May HOMEBUYING CHECKLIST – Congratulations on Your Accepted Offer!

Congratulations on your accepted contract!
Here is a basic overview of the process and where we are at. We know the process can seem overwhelming, so it’s nice to sometimes look at it like a to-do list. The items in RED must be done immediately. Don’t forget to S.M.I.L.E.!


Offer Accepted

☐➡SURVEYOrder a survey if desired

☐➡MORTGAGE LENDERContact a lender to start the loan process

☐➡INSPECTIONSSchedule inspections immediately

☐➡LOOK INTO INSURANCEContact your insurance company to make sure the property is insurable

☐➡EARNEST MONEY Mail your earnest money check to the title company

☐Continue to shop for insurance if desired

☐Complete inspections

☐Inspections reviewed and inspection notice to listing agent

☐Inspection notice response and all parties agree

☐Review initial title search for any inconsistencies or issues

☐Order appraisal 

☐Review appraisal

☐Finalize who you will be using for homeowners insurance if you haven’t already

☐Loan commitment 

☐Start packing and moving prep

☐Schedule closing time 

☐Schedule final walkthrough

☐Order utilities

☐Review final numbers and “cash to close” with lender

☐Attend closing – WOOHOO! Don’t forget your drivers licence and a cashier’s check made out to the title company

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