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15 Apr How Much Does a Big Custom Art Canvas Print Cost on Groupon?

By Joey Vosevich of the Hermann London Social Media Team

Can’t Decorate with a Renter’s Mindset

I bought my home 5 years ago and still haven’t decorated the walls in my living room. They are as blank as…the blank I am drawing trying to come up with a decent analogy. My fear of hanging artwork and shelves stems from a lifetime of renting, where putting holes in the wall isn’t worth the risk of losing the security deposit. Thanks to COVID and being at home all the time, I was finally ready to give my walls some personality.

Covering the Most Wall with the Least Amount of Damage

My strategy for decorating the walls was to get the biggest yet lightest thing possible which is why I decided a giant canvas print would probably be the best choice. Two tiny nails would be able to easily hold up the weight of a canvas print while doing the least amount of damage to my walls. Movie posters are always 24″ x 36″ or 27″ x 40″ which seemed like a good size for my canvas print.


What is the Price of a Custom Canvas Print?

Every time I Googled CANVAS PRINT, a different price would come up. On one website the regular price for a 24″ x 36″ print was $199 but then a pop-up would say 60% Off and Free Shipping Today! while the ad in the top of the Google results for the same website said 93% Off. I noticed Groupon was a top result for canvas prints so I was intrigued to find out just how big of a discount they were offering. I scrolled through over a dozen companies offering canvas prints on Groupon until I found one that said SHIPPING INCLUDED. That day Groupon was also offering 20% off with a coupon code. Each canvas company listed on Groupon offers different size and quantity deals and it was a better deal to get 2 canvases at once. After applying the 20% off coupon code, I bought a Groupon for two 24″ x 36″ canvas prints for $56, but as I would find out later, I should have read the fine print.

After purchasing my Groupon, I copied the included code and pasted it into the canvas print website which allowed me to customize my two 24″ x 36″ canvas prints. Because I live in St. Louis I went with a couple of pieces of artwork from the 1904 World’s Fair which were no longer under copyright. The canvas print website was good about showing me a 3D version of my images to make sure no part of my image was cut off and my files were of high enough resolution when enlarged.

When I went to check out on the canvas print site it said I owed $7.98 for handling which caught me off guard. I went back to inspect my Groupon’s fine print and it did in fact mention there would be a $3.99 handling charge per piece. The total was still so unbelievably low that I couldn’t get mad at them for sneakily saying shipping was free while having another separate charge for handling.

In total, it costs $63.98 to buy two 24 inch by 36 inch custom canvas prints including shipping and handling when using Groupon.

How Good is the Quality on a Custom Canvas Print from Groupon?

I purchased the Groupon on April 5th and a giant cardboard box was delivered on April 13th.

I pulled the two custom canvas prints out of the box, unsheathed them from the plastic, inspected them up close, and determined that they were perfect! Nothing was damaged and nothing looked pixelated.

I am ready to buy two more canvas art prints once I find some more artwork that I like!

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