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15 Apr Help Your REALTOR® During Coronavirus by Leaving them a Review!

A lot of businesses are struggling during Coronavirus and REALTORS® are no exception. The entire country is following their state’s stay-at-home orders which means a lot of people are delaying selling their homes until the orders are lifted. Real estate has been deemed an essential business so homes are still being bought and sold, but if you are not ready to sell your home, there is still one way you can really help your REALTOR® out.

The main way a REALTOR® finds new clients is through referrals from past clients, but because of social distancing, everyone is being a lot less sociable. That is why the best way to refer your REALTOR® is to leave a review online for future home-buyers and sellers to discover.

Just imagine, you write a review during your lunch break, and then in the middle of the night someone looking for a REALTOR® reads your review and decides to use them. You’ve essentially helped 3 families at once (buyer/seller/REALTOR®) simply by taking 10 minutes to write something nice on the internet!

You can write a review and shout out your REALTOR® on Hermann London’s Yelp, Google, and Facebook review pages, or you can reach out to your REALTOR® directly and see if they have their own business page that  you can leave a review on.

No matter how long ago you bought or sold a house with Hermann London, we still consider you family. Thank you for allowing us to serve you–oh, and make sure to stay home and stay healthy so that we can work together again real soon!





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