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26 Oct The Importance of Hiring A Real Estate Agent When Building A New Construction Home

Over the years I have worked with many families with building their new construction home from the ground up. It is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of pricing, the deep discounts that are available, how to maximize allowances, what options can be included in the price and most important how to negotiate the best purchase price on your behalf.

Most buyers who build their new home without a real estate agent usually end up with regrets or feel taken advantage of. The reason is because the sales manager is working for the builder, NOT YOU. Hiring a real estate agent can protect you from any disappointing surprises in the long run. The real estate professional will always let you know what to expect and what is important for you to know because they have a duty to look out for your best interest. The builder and the sales manager do not share that same responsibility.

Hiring a real estate agent costs you nothing! New construction communities, always set aside commission for a real estate agent of your choice to help you, and if you don’t use one, that does not mean a discount for you. It means that the builder gets to keep that reserve in their own pocket as profit and it means you are vulnerable to not having the necessary guidance that is important when making such a significant investment.

Real estate agents will personally sit down with you and discuss ALL the new construction communities and various builders in your area so you can find the perfect community for your family. This will be based on evaluating criteria such as price range, location and school district. They will then go to the communities that fit the best and discuss the details with you and the sales manager and help you read the fine print in all the contracts before you sign.

Get it right the first time by hiring an agent to guide, protect and inform you through the entire process of building your custom dream home.

Nidhi Soni
Agent, Hermann London
Phone: 314-276-4154

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