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16 May Investing in Home Staging: Is it Important?

A lot has changed since we first started selling houses in St. Louis, but many sellers continue to ask the same question: “Why should I stage my home?The answer is pretty simple: Staging sells.

Staging Sells

Not only that but staged homes sell faster. According to a national survey, staged homes stayed on the market an average of 11 days before being sold, compared to 90 days for un-staged homes. And another survey by HomeGain determined that on average, an investment in home staging increases the sale price by more than $3,000. On average, that’s a 4,597% return on investment!

Your real estate agent and staging professionals will help you stage your home to sell, but here are 5 helpful tips to get you started:

1. Declutter

Too much clutter is distracting, stressful, and creates the perception that your home is short on space — not a good thing when you’re looking to sell. That’s why decluttering your home is the first step to any successful home staging.

Check out our blog post, “Decluttering Your Home: 9 Simple Tips from a Real Estate Agent.”

2. Pick A “Theme” (and stick to it)

Deer antlers and bear skin rugs don’t belong in a beach house. Right? “Off” elements, such as these, distract from the style and features of your home and can leave buyers feeling disoriented.

When staging a home for sale, pick a theme and stick with it throughout the house. For instance, a seaside home might be decorated with breezy, relaxing furniture and nautical-themed decor. A modern loft apartment might feature minimalistic furnishings and abstract paintings; while a country farmhouse could be staged with furniture made from reclaimed wood, rustic accents, and vintage decor.

3. Light It Up

The right lighting can — quite literally — change the way a buyer sees your home. Decorative lamps are in, and an easy way to make a statement.

4. Set the Scene

A recent trend in staging is to center each room around a particular lifestyle. Small touches like board games and books create a “snapshot” of life in the home for the buyer.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave tables bare. Instead, dress them up with seasonal centerpieces, fresh flowers, or even table settings.

5. Take It “Off the Wall”

Let buyers imagine themselves entertaining in your living room. Pull furniture away from the walls and instead, create cozy “conversation areas.” Groupings of chairs and sofas are naturally inviting, and add visual depth to a room. For a relatively small investment, you can stage your home to sell faster — and for more money. Talk with your real estate agent about available options…and remember, stick with a theme!

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