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04 Apr Lights, Camera, Real Estate: Valuable Lessons from HGTV Shows

Home and Garden Television, better known as HGTV, has captured the attention of millions of viewers with its array of home improvement and real estate-focused shows. While these programs provide entertainment and inspiration, they also offer valuable lessons for those interested in real estate. In this article, we’ll explore some key takeaways from popular HGTV shows that can help both seasoned and aspiring real estate professionals alike.

The Importance of Curb Appeal (Curb Appeal, Fixer Upper)
First impressions matter, and HGTV’s shows like “Curb Appeal” and “Fixer Upper” emphasize the significance of a home’s exterior. Enhancing a property’s curb appeal through landscaping, painting, and general maintenance can significantly impact its perceived value and desirability. Real estate professionals should advise their clients to invest in curb appeal improvements to make their homes stand out in a competitive market.

Effective Staging (Property Brothers, Love It or List It)
Shows like “Property Brothers” and “Love It or List It” frequently showcase the power of home staging in transforming a space and helping potential buyers visualize themselves living in it. Staging can make a property feel more inviting and spacious, ultimately leading to a quicker sale and potentially a higher selling price. Realtors should consider collaborating with professional stagers or providing staging advice to clients to ensure homes are presented in the best possible light.

The Value of Professional Photography (House Hunters)
“House Hunters” demonstrates how important high-quality photography is when marketing a property. Since the majority of potential buyers start their home search online, compelling photos are crucial to grabbing their attention and generating interest. Real estate professionals should invest in professional photography services to make sure their listings stand out and attract prospective buyers.

Budgeting and Planning (Flip or Flop, Rehab Addict)
Shows like “Flip or Flop” and “Rehab Addict” remind viewers that setting a realistic budget and timeline is critical when embarking on a renovation project. Whether working with clients who plan to sell after renovations or assisting buyers in finding a fixer-upper, real estate agents should stress the importance of thorough planning and budgeting to avoid unexpected expenses and delays.

Location Matters (Beachfront Bargain Hunt, House Hunters International)
HGTV shows such as “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” and “House Hunters International” highlight the importance of location in real estate. These programs emphasize that factors such as local amenities, school districts, and proximity to transportation can significantly impact a property’s value and appeal. Real estate professionals should be well-versed in local market trends and neighborhood characteristics to effectively guide clients in their home search.

While HGTV shows are primarily designed to entertain, they also offer valuable insights into the world of real estate. By learning from these programs, real estate professionals can better serve their clients and stay ahead in the competitive industry. From curb appeal to location, these lessons can help agents maximize their success and provide clients with the best possible experience in their home buying or selling journey.


Adam Kruse, REALTOR®
Owner/Broker – Hermann London