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17 May Maplewood Community Thoughts with Christy Kramlich

Hello again! Just your local Realtor’s random thoughts.

As I drove past multiple bus stops this morning, I noticed all the parents were just hanging out. No kids in sight…just the parents with their cups of coffee. So many other places I travel to have no idea who their neighbors are much less what they have planned for the day and then I realized just how privileged I am. I live in a community that likes to see each other, we are ready to help, and we welcome people with open arms. If that is not enough, Maplewood has a walkable community so if you want to know what is going on, stop by a bus stop, say hello, and get the feel of just what we as Maplewood have to offer. Or give me a call I know MRH well and would be happy to show you around.

Christy Kramlich
Christy Kramlich - REALTOR®