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11 Apr More Maplewood Musings with Christy Kramlich

Easter week.

My little pocket of Maplewood holds an egg hunt every year on Easter Sunday, held at Central Park. We as neighbors all get together and donate items for the filling of the eggs and the end result is the park is filled with over 1000 eggs! It has been years since my kids have participated, yet I still go, donate candy, and stuff the eggs. Kids arrive a little before 9 am, the hunt starts and will be over by 9:10. All of us Maplewood people will hang out and drink our coffee, enjoy a pastry and just be a community. Not so sure about other communities but Maplewood rocks, we welcome anyone to join us. Do not be late or you will miss the eggs, but no worries there will be coffee and people to chat with.

Christy Kramlich
Christy Kramlich - REALTOR®