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Mortgage options

07 May How to Choose the Right Mortgage Option

Mortgage options can be very complex, complicated, and confusing. In addition, they are forever changing and in flux.

Nothing about mortgages is set in stone before signing the loan agreement. Almost daily the, down payment options, interest rates, and payment plans are subject to change. Our Saint Louis, Real Estate office, has the goal of making sure you are guided carefully through the process. Saint Louis’ Hermann London Realtors have the benefit having a mortgage loan professional present at our weekly meetings to update us and keep us current on the mortgage market.

Our Saint Louis MO agents are then better equipped to keep our clients informed and updated on the various mortgage options. We are always learning about changes to FHA and Conventional market, how lenders are working with investors, what the important credit scores are, timelines of getting a loan in Saint Louis, etc.

The options in Saint Louis can vary from an all cash purchase to securing a load for a percentage of the selling price. Your agent can also assist you in exploring creative financing by locating a seller who is willing and able to finance the home purchase. We have found an important piece of the loan process is making sure the property appraises for what the bank will be lending you on your Saint Louis Property, and our agents are highly trained in making sure your property will appraise for at least the amount you are purchasing it for.

Our Hermann London Realtors in Saint Louis work with you and for you in helping you to determine the best questions to ask your lender as well as advice you on how to obtain the best loan for your situation. We spend a significant amount of time getting to know different lenders, bankers, credit unions, mortgage officers, hard money lenders, etc. in Saint Louis and beyond to ensure that you are getting the best loan for your needs.

Often because we do a significant amount of real estate deals in Saint Louis lenders will give the best deals to our clients in interest to be on our short list of referrals in the future.

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