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07 May Moving



The house is under contract and closing is set for two weeks. Your buyer will have a walk through the morning of the closing. What does that mean to you? In simple terms, you have to have your house empty and clean prior to your buyer’s final walk through. When you go to closing you will sign papers which give your buyer ownership of the house.

The process of moving is easier if you break it down into phases. Showing the property up until receiving an offer would be phase one. The next phase is receiving an offer. Once the negotiations are complete and a signed contract is in works, that’s when you have to get in gear for the next phase, moving.

You have a contract and that paper gives you the green light to go ahead and start planning your move. You have to call a mover early on. Depending on the time of year, movers can be booked well in advance. You can explain to the movers that you have a tentative moving date. They will usually give you a span of a few days blocked off. They know that things don’t always go as planned.

If you have movers pack your belongings, you will pay extra for that. If you are physically able, do the packing yourself. Go to the grocery stores and ask for boxes. Some stores always have a supply you can grab, while other stores may put your name on the list and call you when they have some. Get as many places as you can so that you don’t run out of boxes. You will need to buy packing tape and possibly some bubble pack for your delicate items.

Do the packing room by room; starting with items you know you won’t need for a while. Stack the packed boxes in the garage or basement so they are out of the way. On moving day plan on holding out a broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, and cleaning products.

Ask some of the neighbors or friends to help you clean. As the movers empty out each room, clean that room. By the time they load the items from the last room, you will be almost finished cleaning the house.

The buyers show up for the final walk through with their agent, the house will be empty and clean and everyone should be happy.

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