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23 May How Real Estate Photography Helps Sell Your Home

You’ve heard it before “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in real estate, a great picture is often worth several thousand dollars. Great photography helps sell your home. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 90% of buyers look online prior to contacting an agent. But buyers won’t click to learn more — let alone request a showing — if those first few photos don’t immediately draw them in.

The Benefits of Real Estate Photography

Here are top tips for generating buyer interest with great real estate photography.  These tips are directly from the desks of our REALTORS® selling real estate in St. Louis.

Clean It Up

Buyers want a sparkling home that they can imagine themselves living in. Clean your house from top to bottom. Vacuum and mop the floors, wipe down the counters, polish the furniture, and clean the windows. Consider adding some simple touches like decorative candles, centerpieces, and fresh flowers.

Keep It Simple

The less “stuff” in your home, the bigger the rooms look in photos. If you need to remove items, you may be able to find a storage area in the basement, garage or shed (just make sure you clean those out for showings or open houses).

Get expert advice on how to declutter your home from Hermann London real estate agents: “Decluttering Your Home: 9 Simple Tips.”

The First Impression Is Most Important

That first photo of the front exterior is the most important shot of the whole series. This is your one and only shot at getting the buyer excited enough to click and learn more about your listing. Take a walk around your house and do the following:

  • Remove any trash barrels, wood scraps or building materials
  • Sweep any leaves or yard debris off walkways
  • Clean any moss from roofs, gutters or siding
  • Trim or prune any bushes or trees away from the house
  • Mow the lawn
  • Hide the garden hoses

Pro Tip: Tell your agent when the sun hits the front of your home (morning or afternoon) so the pictures can be taken without shadows.

Light It Up

Buyers are looking for rooms with great, bright lighting. Take advantage of the natural and artificial light in your home gives off through windows and decorative lamps. To showcase your home in great lighting, pull up the blinds, pull back the drapes, and make sure the overhead lights and lamps are on. When taking your professional real estate photography, consider adding a lamp or two to brighten a smaller space.

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