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16 Nov REALTOR Spotlight: Cathy Dey

Get to know the people behind the most trusted name in St. Louis Real Estate!

Managing Broker – IL Office


Agent Highlight Q’s:

  • Name: Cathy Dey
  • Title: Broker-Salesperson
  • Residential or Commercial: Residential
  • Number of years in the industry: 18
  • Area of specialty: Illinois Metro East
  • Little known fact about yourself: I love to cook gourmet meals at home and share them with people.
  • Best piece of advice as a real estate professional: Be patient and remain calm – everything always works out in the end!
  • App I use the most: Email and text messaging
  • Favorite STL Restaurant: Hodaks
  • Tell us a joke: Why did the house go to the doctor? Because it had a window pane.

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