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13 Oct REALTOR® Spotlight: Greg and Dave Sadler

Get to know the people behind the most trusted name in St. Louis Real Estate!

Greg and Dave Sadler


Agent Highlight Q’s:

  • Names: Greg and Dave Sadler
  • Title: REALTORS®
  • Residential or Commercial: We do both!
  • Number of years in the industry: 15 years for both!
  • Area of specialty: We specialize in St. Charles County but we do deals all over St. Louis County.
  • Little known fact about Greg: I was once in a music video
  • Little known fact about Dave: I am trained chef, but I prefer real estate
  • Best piece of advice as a real estate professional: Buy low and sell high!
  • App Greg uses the most: Netflix
  • App Dave uses the most: Facebook
  • Greg’s Favorite STL Restaurant: Tony’s on Main Street
  • Dave’s Favorite STL Restaurant: Pastaria
  • Tell us a joke: Guy walks into a bar. What’s the second guy do? — Ducks

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