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17 Sep REALTOR® Spotlight: Holly Laws

Get to know the people behind the most trusted name in St. Louis Real Estate!



Agent Highlight Q’s:

  • Name: Holly Laws
  • Title: REALTOR®
  • Residential or Commercial: 90% residential but for some reason I keep getting bar listings!
  • Number of years in the industry: Agent 9, title, lending 15 years prior
  • Area of specialty: Selling St. Louis CITY homes
  • Little known fact about yourself: I did a TV commercial for an attorney years ago and played a bill collector. I sounded so scary and authentic that people I hadn’t seen in years would recognize my voice and call me. My famous line was, “YOU SHOULD JUST PAY YOUR BILLS!”
  • Best piece of advice as a real estate professional: Treat your clients like you would your partner. Nurture the relationships so you when issues come up they are more understanding and forgiving because you have made them feel so cared for the entire time.
  • Tell us a joke: What’s the best medicine for a man with a sunburn? — Viagra, it doesn’t help with the sunburn but it keeps the sheets off his legs!

Check out some of Holly’s acting skills!

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