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13 May REALTOR® Spotlight: Natasha Hawatmeh-Simon

Get to know the people behind the most trusted name in St. Louis Real Estate!



Agent Highlight Q’s:

  • Title: Broker Salesperson
  • Residential or Commercial: Commercial
  • Number of years in the industry: Since 2016
  • Area of specialty: Is this a trick question? Real estate is real estate. Once you have the fundamentals of negotiation (some call it collaboration) and your clients needs at the forefront of your strategy, it’s all the same. Make both sides happy and get the deal done. “I specialize in results.” Corny but gets the point across I guess.
  • Little known fact about yourself: I have my Bachelors of Business Administration from George Washington University and my Masters of Science in Urban Planning and Development, concentration in Real Estate Finance and Development, from St. Louis University. I am fluent in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic). I also used to be a not so bad DJ. Now my soundtrack is mostly composed of Paw Patrol and Disney hits. Rock on!
  • Best piece of advice as a real estate professional: Do your best to communicate so that everyone feels comfortable throughout the process. Be respectful but firm and remember it’s not about your ego, it’s about getting the best results for your client. Keep it moving forward. Pick up the phone – it’s more efficient.
  • App I use the most: Umm does the actual phone count as an app? If not, my second is Gmail and Spotify.
  • Favorite STL Restaurant: No free promotions!
  • Tell us a joke:Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? Because he was outstanding in his field! (Credit: George Simon, 3 years old, Halloween 2019 – also whatever website I found that on)

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