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15 Jun REALTOR® SPOTLIGHT with Stonebridge Properties

Hermann London Owner/Broker Adam Kruse talks to Amanda, Mackenzie, and Madison McCracken of Stonebridge Properties about what it’s like working on a mother/daughter/sister team and how they share responsibilities.

Table of Contents

0:42 When did Mackenzie and Madison McCracken join their mom in real estate?

1:45 When did Amanda McCracken get into real estate?

3:35 How are the roles split between Amanda, Mackenzie, and Madison?

5:37 What is discussed during their weekly meetings and what are the different streams of revenue?

8:01 How do the clients benefit from their team?

10:00 Why did Stonebridge Properties choose to join forces with Hermann London?

11:50 Were the other Hermann London agents accepting of Stonebridge Properties when they joined?

13:20 Where does Stonebridge Properties get most of their business?

15:30 Follow Stonebridge Properties on Instagram and Facebook

17:13 The McCrackens ask why Adam got into real estate

19:00 Working in real estate has given the McCrackens a lot of freedom to do the things they want

20:18 DocuSign has saved agents so much money and gas

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All right well let’s get started thank you thank you guys for being here today how intimidating this is for me to be meeting with the entire stonebridge properties team I love it you guys are fantastic thank you for taking the time to meet with me today you know I just kind of wanted to make this video so that your millions of social media followers can learn a little bit more about you you know and I’m sure the public wants to know more too you know so if you don’t mind can you just kind of start off by just telling me a little bit about yourselves maybe how long you’ve been in real estate and why maybe why you got into real estate yeah okay so we got into real estate Mackenzie and I got into real estate that we go through a year ago and we’re following the footsteps of our mother right here who got into real estate 25 years ago probably something like that because 1994 like Chinese board you’ve grown up you know watching her succeed in her real estate so you’re like hey let’s do it let’s do it family together so that’s how we got started cool and now you guys are kind of operating as a team is that right we have different roles so it’s kind of cool yeah they all like blend okay well ask about those but we have to find out how miss Amanda got into real estate and why and all that tell us about your journey if you don’t mind sure so I started so I started a graduated from college and I went into corporate worked for merits for a while in travel but I didn’t really like Jones awesome it was and then so then I was pregnant with twins right so I’m like well I want to do something that I can say come with my my babies and so their dad and his family have always been in real estate investing in real estate and so I remember their grandma told me real estates just for rich old ladies like you’ll never succeed it’s just for like doctors wives okay and I was with a banker back in 1994 I was there a few years and I switch to gundaker because they weren’t the same back then so I got a lot of you know experience in sales and then the twins were born and I realized so I became more involved in the investing part of it so I get I’ve always done in sales but then I decided I was going to go to a different route sucking home more and it kind of evolved into me getting my broker’s license since I didn’t do a whole lot of volume I just did like houses that we rehab and then houses we would buy I would find in the MLS so it kind of winded that but I’ve always had climates here and there and now these two have gotten me into a whole different category of sales I love because it’s hard to do it by yourself but what are you doing it as a team and everybody has their defined role it makes it so much easier really does we’re good yeah it seems like it worked out well where they were able to step in and you were able to kind of like provide business to them to get them going to the team I guess to get you guys going and yeah so tell me how is this sort of team concept working you know like as their certain people have certain roles or is it kind of all hands on deck her well her mother she is kind of like the overseer so she makes sure like we fill out all the contracts she ain’t sure everything’s right right I don’t have to as much now but up and then I am going to be getting into like researching about how to find good deals for investing receive Madison she’s a like social media marketer party gal all social media posters me yeah and then I I deal with the inspection period she’s the initial content yes she kind of does a lot of paperwork and then I help walk through the inspections met some doozies yeah but it kind of gets stressful experience with that construction and and Rehab so I kind of know so I kind of take care of that part but we all just she writes the offers we all kind of shell property they shall property but sometimes also property yeah it’s really cool having Amanda our mom to back up she’s only experienced 25 years they’re amazing I’m just I couldn’t be more happy well it seems to be going well and I’ve noticed that even during this crazy COVID time you guys are staying really busy I guess you figured it out now is there any tricks to the trade you guys have like a weekly meeting or something like that or are you just always talking but we tried to meet every week at least once a week we have sushi yes yeah wow that’s amazing because sushi all you can eat I put together like a Jennifer meeting yeah keep them in folders ever to meet it’s not like we know or we try to be organized yesterday we had a meeting and I kept the agendas in our folder our team agendas and we kind of brainstormed and condemned the ideas and timelines we’re trying to be more structured like yeah sales we there be me so we balance that and then we balance so I’m wrapping up right we have now just down the street cost went up apart it’s going to be beautiful three-bedroom two-bath so we’re just doing the last-minute touches on that so now we’re in the stage where we painting and cleaning and cleaning windows so they’re gonna work a lot the next couple of weeks they have to clean the air beauty so we have income kind of going in even when sales that’s one of the great things about real estate right good stuff get a little here you get a little there kind of thing okay and so then I mean the idea of the team I guess would be that you in terms of sales in general would be that you would be able to do more together than you would just be able to do as one people and it seems to come back around we’re always giving some like we’re meeting a client next week we wanted to do some investing and so we we’re always getting no we all work together to work like my clients and also finding new clients yeah and so have you guys figured out kind of a structure that you can use that makes it a benefit to your client that you have you know so many of you working together yeah I’m pretty example like well you know we’re flexible but if one of us can’t do a show in one day there’s too people because that really helps you and then like we all work together putting our offers together making the best offer as possible yeah for the client though we always kind of like listening presentation we’ll go together yeah and then Madison will be their point of contact this is too confusing to have three points yeah and so I walk through the inspection with the client yeah it varies from yeah yeah cool okay so then I think that I think that a seller would be lucky to have multiple agents show up giving them their opinions and stuff like that there’s a lot of what we do as agents we’re giving opinions right right and sometimes they’re they’re important questions as like should I replace my driveway with the new owner so it’s like yeah no no you know and that’s I think that they’re lucky to have a few people that are giving their opinion and you guys I’m assuming kind of get a little debates with each other and stuff you know cool that’s awesome we’re very respectful to each other you know we may have a thing where one of them gets a little sassy well now if you know it’s coming maybe then it’s more tolerable or something like that you work together because you just know how to expect each other’s personalities to be I guess and so for people like watching this you guys are Stonebridge properties team and you and you recently joined I guess a few months ago or a year ago how I’m not exactly but you recently joined Hermann London right yeah and so we’ve kind of like just like your family merged forces right we’ve kind of merged forces to to try to make something better if you don’t mind I just wanted to ask a little bit about why you decided to do that what you thought the benefits would be yeah first of all I’m Cruz so agent Roger – Roger he is that his license with you and we can work together some and he had wonderful things to say he’d always be talking about the the online like when you guys post on Facebook Facebook presence and like you reading all these things and I answer it’s just so interesting how people throw things out there you’ll learn from it because like you just said recently it’s a lot of its opinions and I just love getting those different perspectives and so he had amazing things to say and I shared this stuff going on and so then he brought me in you and I met and the girls I needed more it was just me I wouldn’t be selling as much but with them I wanted a place where they could feel comfortable and be around other amazing agents and learn from them and you have so many resources to offer yeah that was a centrally located and I mean Herman London has so much talk yeah for our team that we felt like it was just a really great fit of the other agents kind of like taking you in or is it or you feel like you’re accepted by the other agents and they’ll love it cool I’m I love asking that question because like for example I mean I didn’t know how much value you mentioned like our secret Herman London forum where we all call each other questions I didn’t realize how much value that was to people you know it is like having rod share that with you it’s like yes I guess that was exciting for you to hear just build to kind of hear the inside scoop on Realtors talking to Realtors kind of stuff right read the question and I would answer it said ask my London agents in the opinion and you can get go different directions I like that and so you mentioned Amanda that you like to do a lot of networking and I know Madison said she does a lot of social media and I know Mackenzie’s kind of doing a little bit of it all right but what have you guys found is working for you in terms of getting business because like I say you’re staying busy you guys always seem to have deals going on what would what is working yeah reach out on Instagram and we got our house in close we’re gonna start working on getting our card and I’m trying to teach them when you go to a restaurant and you’re talking to the waiter and in the car yeah this part in the booklet yeah that’s cool yeah it’s neat you guys have kind of a with you having the mix of all the experience and the new and like social media but mom you’re probably like you’re probably like let’s get back to the basics right let’s get our card let’s get out there and talk to the people yeah and their girls are going let’s post on Instagram and yeah we actually client as well through Airbnb yeah that’s right and our Airbnb DS we leave our cards and the other thing I would say is Madison is getting our name recognition and as you get the name recognition out there aren’t really on social media I truly believe that as you see it so many times then they’ll you’ll start remembering it and I just think that name recognition is important yeah and I think she’s doing a great job with that so do you guys want to share with the Watchers you’re like social media instagrams and all that kind of stuff how can people find you yeah okay Stonebridge properties STL so access you know and then Facebook if you look up Stonebridge properties as to no it should come up too well teach me how to get clients out of an Instagram that’s awesome yeah for people that are you know considering a career in real estate it seems like if you’re if you are kind of from st. Louis or if you’ve been here a while and I think like the experience you’ve probably all had is that people know you they like you they trust you already and then you said hey and I and I’m in real estate and so they just kind of gravitate towards you you don’t have to overcome a burden of being someone who’s already tried to sell them ten different types of things from a past career or something like that right that’s awesome that your old friends are reaching out to I think it says a lot about you you know and you must have like been nice to them in high school you know but we’ve also got enough already like a referral from another client you know get more yeah yeah and they’re not even in their doctor life less than a year ago uh-huh in a year yeah let’s see what kind of other questions should we do what else you guys want to talk about today I kind of covered my questions that they had but I know everyone likes hearing from you so Adam why did you well I had a I was in college for accounting and yeah I have a Masters of accounting and I had a one of my best friends was in Florida and he was selling real estate down there and so I would be I was at that point doing an internship and I would be like in pain until annoyed counting lightbulbs on a Saturday like doing an inventory audit or something and he would call me he’d say I just sold the house we’re going to the bar and like I just kept having these experiences where I’m in some El Paso Texas at a hospital like living through canceled checks and he would call me I just data closing it was amazing like he just and so I was I was more interested in investing to kind of like I guess how a man was and wasn’t was doing it and my family was like oh well if you’re gonna do real estate investing you need to take a class and the real estate agent class is the only one I could find yeah so I was taking you know college classes by day and my real estate classes at night and while I was in that class I realized that oh my gosh I could get a commission on the houses I’m buying you know and so then for a while I was an auditor by day and a realtor at night but I just really loved the real estate side of it and so that’s awesome yeah it was that was a crazy day to quit my job that I just gone to college for five years for you know it was a really crazy day but it was I was really proud to do it yeah and now you got freedom I love the freedom of real estate yeah yeah after college graduates with a team and we’re a cooler job for a year you know I was like you know we’re both like this is not for him now they made a lot of money and more ya know so and we invest in them being a boss we are boss yeah yeah it’s not like we don’t work right you’d like you mentioned we have freedom it’s not like we’re not working a lot but we can kind of work when we want and do what we want right sitting in tax it doesn’t feel like work responding to a client breath you can do so much from your phone I mean back in the day we actually had to meet the client and we had to like trade out the keys and we even had a typewriter you can put the form in the carbon copy and type the offer and right back to their house to get him to sign it again probably knock you sign has saved us so much money and gas you know but with the flexibility thing there’s been a few days where I can remember that like my parents call me and they say hey we’re taking our granddaughter to the zoo you want to join us and I’m like I’ll join you for lunch you know that’s right I’ll Drive over to the zoo have lots of them go see the animal or something like that I mean I can go back to work you can’t a normal job all right well you guys are awesome I won’t keep you I know you’re very busy very very busy thank you thank you thank you for being on here today and I look forward to talking to you more yeah I just kind of wanted to make this video for people to see you and hear what you got going on during COVID so I appreciate you guys very much thank you very much take care see you later



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