Shannon St. Pierre

Shannon St. Pierre
Shannon St. Pierre

I am a resident of Tower Grove East and a real estate agent. I have been living in the area for over 10 years now. I have gotten to know the great things about this area and I’ve learned where the challenges are as well.

I am passionate about having a great life in this city. This area has so much to offer… it’s alive… it’s vibrant… it’s a beautiful part of the city. It’s an amazing community that accepts all and offers diversity at it’s best.

I worked in sales for many years and transitioned into working with small businesses helping them establish themselves online with a website and search engine optimization (SEO). I most recently transferred into real estate to follow a passion of mine. Real estate fascinates me on so many levels.

I’m not interested in selling houses, but rather, helping individuals and families find a community where they can call home. One of the best parts about being a real estate agent is seeing the excitement that comes when a home is bought or sold and clients are able to transition to their next chapter in life.

One of the other ways that I love seeing dreams become reality is through my work on the Board of Directors at Gateway To Dreams, a non-profit dedicated to helping others achieve success in all areas of their life. I also recently started volunteering my time to Fresh Start helping them develop their website and social media sites. Fresh Start is a non-profit that employees homeless individuals by making exceptionally high quality dog food. They are all about people helping pets and pets helping people!

I grew up in southern Illinois in a small town called Olney, home of the white squirrels. They are actually albino squirrels with pink eyes. I went to school at SIU in Carbondale and later moved to St. Louis for a job. So no, I didn’t go to high school here, but I’m still pretty cool!

maddox and milana
I met my husband at a bar (you know, the old fashioned way) after moving to St. Louis and will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We have two kids and we raised my nephew. So if you have questions on navigating the city schools and what’s right for your family, I can help.
jumping for bubbles
We also have a dog that we rescued from a shelter. He was an owner surrender at the shelter (meaning his previous owners gave him up), we took a chance on him and won. He is the perfect case study as to why every dog deserves a second home. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he can drive us crazy and we simply can not miss his walks, but he is also as sweet as they come! He is the definition of happy and all things happy. He loves bubbles, balloons…and his family. Bubbles, oh, bubbles, just say the word and he goes nut. You can see how happy they make him.

Life in the city is pretty awesome, so come along with me and let me help you buy your first place…or maybe your next home. If you are thinking of selling, there is no one better that will sell the area and help you get the most for your home.
To be able to help a client find a home is a true honor. Your home is where life happens, dreams are created, and where memories are made. To have a part in helping find the right place to allow this to happen can only be done with honesty and integrity. And it is my pleasure to be a part of it.