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Lake St. Louis is a nice departure from some the more hectic road designs used by St. Louis’ historic neighborhoods. Lake St. Louis is a planned community, based around two massive lakes that provide scenic views and recreational opportunities to the people who live near them. Lake St. Louis was once known mainly for its planned communities, but it’s now also known for the current commercial renaissance that’s bringing ever more shopping and career opportunities to the people of Chesterfield.

Lake St. Louis Pros

When it comes to places like Lake St. Louis, you really want someone with experience on your side. This area has several notable communities that offer different things to home buyers. If you work with us, we’ll be able to introduce you to the community that best serves your needs. We can also find you the most motivated buyers if you would like to sell your home in Lake St. Louis. Call Hermann London right now if you want to work with some real Lake St. Louis professionals.

Great Agents Backed By The Best Modern Tools

Our real estate agency is firmly planted in this century. Our agents have access to faster and more powerful tools than ever before. These tools allow our agents to handle you needs more quickly and effectively than ever before. Try our services out today, and we’ll show you what it means to get help from a modern agent.

Agents Who Won’t Pressure You

Every real estate decision is a big one, so it’s important that you work with Lake St. Louis real estate agents who won’t try to pressure you into making the wrong decision. That’s something we care deeply about at Hermann London. Our real estate agents won’t pressure you into decisions that don’t work for you.




Lake St. Louis, MO Amenities:


Amusement park
Clothing store
Convenience store
Post office
Shopping mall



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