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St. Peters, Missouri is a wonderful place to live. Almost 60,000 people are proud to call these 22 square miles their home. And for good reason; St. Peters has a lot to offer.

You’ll find lots of beautiful homes in St. Peters.  But they also range in size and price.  Here are some typical averages:

  • Detached houses: $197,164
  • Townhouses or attached units: $143,116
  • In 2-unit structures: $64,777
  • In 3-4-unit structures: $106,915
  • In 5-or-more unit structures: $136,654

If you’re looking to move to Saint Peters, you’ll find that the houses here are more affordable than the average in the U.S.  The median list price is $160,000, but the homes usually only sell for $150,000. , even though the actual value of is closer to $160,000 as well.  But even in all these hard economic times, that didn’t stop St. Peters from actually increasing in home values.  With 57 homes sold in July and over 400 sold in the past year, they’re looking to continue that growth.

There are tons of venues for shopping, dining and having throughout the city. But it also has a great location in between several larger cities. It is just 25 miles from St. Louis, seven miles from St. Charles and for a day trip you could go to Hannibal, just 75 miles away. It’s found just north of the Missouri River and west of the Mississippi, earning the nickname Mid-Rivers.

It’s all about families and neighborly affection in St. Peters. You will rarely find the streets empty of people because someone is always out taking the kids to the park or going for a jog. They have a park within walking distance to almost every neighborhood found in the city. And the trails are always very well maintained for the constant flow of guests using them.

St. Peters has that quiet, friendly suburban feel, but with the lively, go-get-em’ attitude of a city. If a secure neighborhood a short drive away from major cities sounds like your dream home, then visit St. Peters and see what all it has to offer.




St. Peters, MO Amenities:


Amusement park
Clothing store
Convenience store
Post office
Shopping mall



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