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Wentzville can proudly call themselves the “Crossroads of a Nation” because of its convenient location at the intersection of Interstates 64 and 70. And it is a straight shot from the city of St. Louis, taking less than an hour.

Wentzville has great houses where you can definitely find more bang for your buck.  Here are the averages from 2008:

•    Detached houses: $206,229

•    Townhouses or attached units: $197,698

•    In 3-4-unit structures: $185,818

Homes in Wentzville are now right around the average value of a home in the US.  They usually list around $179,900 and sell for $192,000.  Plus over 300 homes in Wentzville have been sold in the past year, a great feat for such a small city!

It’s a growing community that hasn’t lost its character. In less than twenty years, the city grew from 5,000 to 28,000 residents! For that reason, it was named the Boomtown of Missouri in 2008. But the locals there still hold true to their values and friendliness, and refuse to let go of the charm that brought them there in the first place.

There is tons of fun to be had in Wentzville. With loads of parks, there is always some sort of festival or concert series going on, especially at Rotary Park. They host the St. Charles County Fair, the St. Louis Pirate Festival, and the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Fair. For the adventurists, travelling to the city of St. Louis takes about 45 minutes and for the wine enthusiasts, you can travel 20 minutes to Augusta to experience several different wineries.And for the sports fans, Wentzville is home to the St. Louis Chill professional Hockey Team. Cheer them on at the Lindenwood Ice Arena every winter. There is always something to do, no matter what you find entertaining.

So check out Missouri’s Boomtown and see why so many people are flocking out west to the Crossroads of the Nation in Wentzville,




Wentzville MO. Amenities:


Amusement park
Clothing store
Convenience store
Post office
Shopping mall



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