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Princeton Heights Real Estate

Princeton Heights Real Estate



Another great neighborhood in South St Louis City is Princeton Heights.  The neighborhood is bordered by Eichelberger, Hampton, Gravois, and the wedge where Christy Ave. and Kingshighway Blvd. meet. Princeton Heights is a wonderful neighborhood where the housing stock is mostly brick homes and smaller multifamily units.  This neighborhood has a terrific reputation for maintaining home values – there is great pride in Princeton Heights.  It is a very well-kept neighborhood with beautiful landscaping to enjoy when you are walking the neighborhood.

The housing market runs the spectrum of large brick family homes to small one bedroom bungalows, making it is easy to find a home for all people in Princeton Heights.  There is a good multifamily structure mixed in with the residential homes.  These multifamily homes can be tough to spot because of the manicured lawns and great upkeep similar to single family homes.  In our most recent year on record were 65 homes sold where the highest sold for $258,000 and the median price was $129,250.




Princeton Heights Amenities: