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Princeton Heights Businesses

There are great businesses in and surrounding Princeton Heights!  This neighborhood seems to be gaining cool new businesses each year as business owners discover this great neighborhood.

Onesto’s Pizza & Trattoria

Onesto’s Pizza & Trattoria5401 Finkman

Wonderful restaurant and catering company!  Enjoy the patio or the cool interior – either way, you will enjoy anything on their menu!

Porter Paints

Porter Paints5400 Hampton Ave.

They have been on the corner of Hampton & Eichelberger for years.  If you have any questions about a project, they are always helpful!

Imo’s Pizza

Imo’s Pizza5806 Hampton Ave.

Another long-term business in the Princeton Heights Neighborhood.  You can’t go wrong with an Imo’s pizza and salad!!  Fast delivery or convenient pickup!



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