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The Hill Real Estate

The Hill Real Estate



The Hill is a unique neighborhood. The Hill is surrounded by Kingshighway, Northrup, Hampton, Columbia and Southwest. During the 1890’s the Italian Immigrants were arriving and moving the area to be close to their work in the clay mines. The area began around the 1900’s to begin building one story four room brick homes. A lot of which you can see today on The Hill streets.

The last of the residential development of The Hill was in 1955. The Hill is a neighborhood where people grow up and want to move back after school. There are several in-fill homes of great magnitude on The Hill. People buy up a house or lot and build something new on the property.

There are not a lot of large apartment buildings on The Hill – most are duplexes. There are a couple of development plans for The Hill going on right now for the commercial and residential side. Due to the fact of The Hill’s close proximity to Tower Grove Park, the City did not designate larger areas for parks, but in 1945, a park was established in The Hill neighborhood. The Hill has a park named Berra Park. It boasts ball fields, playground, a memorial to The Hill residents who served our country, fountain, horseshoe pits and picnic facilities. The Hill is a destination for most people in St Louis and our many visitors.

The restaurants are touted internationally. You can spend dollars on a meal up to hundreds all within 5 miles. If you walk through the neighborhood, you will find almost every street has a business on it. Creating a neighborhood that is truly walkable. The Hill also boasts the Hall of Fame Place. This is a one block area of Elizabeth Street where Yogi Berra, Joe Garagiola, and his brother grew up, and Hall of Fame Broadcaster Jack Buck lived early in his broadcasting career.




The Hill Amenities:


Amusement park
Clothing store
Convenience store
Post office
Shopping mall



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