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On Tuesday, August 31, the Tilles Park Neighborhood Association (TPNA) conducted its general meeting. There was some great information at this meeting, so if you missed it, you have come to the right place.

During the alderman report, Joe Vaccaro gave the 23rd ward some very exciting news. Over the past six months, our ward had the least amount of crime throughout the city. He also spoke about the new trash bill that city residents are paying along with their water bill. This bill has been implemented so that we can have recycling bins in our alleys or a new blue rolling cart if you don’t have an alley. Hopefully, this will help it be more convenient for city residents to be green. Also, there was talk about Panera getting a drive thru. I know that this is exciting news for many of my friends. From my understanding, they have sent the plans into the city and are awaiting approval.

After the alderman report, the association allowed some new businesses in the area to speak about their products. The first shop to speak was Archangels Gift Shop. They have a variety of gifts from around the world including icons, children’s gifts, and books. They have a great website as well and will ship anywhere. The next to speak was 3500 Wine Haus. They are located at 3500 Watson Road, and they are scheduled to open in mid-September. Along with an assortment of unique wines, the Wine Haus will also have a variety of cold plates including cheese and cured meats, hummus, and gourmet desserts. If you are looking for a mid-afternoon pickup, they will also have a variety of coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos. They have a great patio that will hold about 40 people along with their inside seating that will hold the same amount. The next to speak was Salume Beddu. This means beautifully cured meats. They specialize in salami, sausages, and other cured meats. They use all locally owned and fresh products and even meet all of the farmers that supply their company. All of these companies help serve our neighborhood and would appreciate any business that you can send their way.

The last speaker of the night was Mike Sorth. He spoke about a new, exciting organization working in the neighborhood called St Louis City Hockey. Currently, there really aren’t any options for city children that would like to learn the sport of hockey. This group is dedicated to helping these children learn the sport and play in a recreational manner. The proposed new hockey rink will be located in Tilles Park. Instead of using ice, they will use a new kind of material that will allow hockey to be played outdoors, year round. The organization will allow children to learn the sport in a reasonably priced manner. Their plan is to cater to children between the ages of 6 and 12 who live in the city and have never played organized hockey.

Welcome to all of the new businesses in the neighborhood. We hope that you find success in the coming years.




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