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Brentwood Real Estate

The delightful inner-ring suburb of Brentwood is the perfect area for people who want the best of both worlds. In Brentwood, you’ll have easy access to the heart of the city. However, you’ll also enjoy a quiet suburban life in a safe area with amazing schools. Many families have chosen to make a life here because of the great balance between urban access and suburban calm. We’d be happy to help you find a home in this beloved neighborhood.




Experienced Services in Brentwood

You want someone with local experience if you’re buying or selling a home in Brentwood. Local experience means it’s easier for our Brentwood REALTORS® to find the options that are best for you. Our familiarity with the area means that we can always give you straight answers about the community. It’s easy for us to help you find the area that meets your needs as a home buyer. We can use that same expertise to help you find the likeliest buyers for a home you want to sell.

We Offer the Services You Need

You may need a lot of different services from your realtor. We can help you with almost any need you have when it comes to St. Louis real estate. We can help you when you want to buy homes or sell them. Our REALTORS® may be able to serve you as a buyer’s agent if you want to get the best deal on your next home purchase. Hermann London now even offers property management services to the St. Louis area.

Take Advantage of Our Tools

We want to make your buying and selling experiences as easy as possible, but you don’t have to hire us to get some quick help. Here on the website we feature a property search engine, a mortgage calculator, and a seller’s buy-down calculator. Start using them early, and you’ll have a much simpler home-buying process.




Brentwood, MO Amenities:


Amusement park
Clothing store
Convenience store
Post office
Shopping mall


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