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Kirkwood Services

Kirkwood Public Library

Kirkwood Public Library140 East Jefferson
Kirkwood, MO  63122

It doesn’t take long to spot someone on Jefferson walking with newly borrowed books or cd’s from the Kirkwood Library.  It has undergone a complete renovation and is bigger and better than ever before – offering new events and speakers weekly.  Whether you want a place to do your work in peace or if you just enjoy browsing the many books in their broad selection, Kirkwood Library is bound to tickle your fancy.  What a great place to see people of all ages enjoying all that the Kirkwood community has to offer.

Plumber: Kirkwood Plumbing

248 Grand Ave
Kirkwood, MO 63122

This local plumber is here to serve all your plumbing needs for both commercial and residential properties.  Built on a tradition of service and quality, Kirkwood Plumbing in the St. Louis area offers general repair, installation, remodeling, water heaters, sewer and drain services and even garbage disposals and faucets.  Call today for an appointment, 314-966-4772.

Home Remodeler: Roeser Home Remodeling

301 Sainte Ave
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Roeser Home Remodeling in Kirkwood takes a different approach to home remodeling.  They honestly want you to choose who is right for you by making an educated decision.  They have over 20 years experience, and have several testimonials that show how attentive the owners are as well as the quality of the projects. Honesty and integrity are their principles and they truly stick by it!  They don’t even advertise because they only want potential clients to see what past clients have said about them.  Call them today for your St. Louis remodeling needs at 314-822-0839.

Interior Designer: Marcia Moore Design

623 Lewiston Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63122

Marcia Moore Design is conveniently located near Kirkwood Rd and Adams Avenue in downtown Kirkwood.  One of the great things about Marcia Moore is how they give back to charities every year.  Plus, they intend to work with your lifestyle and your budget to create an extraordinary space that you will love, instead of merely working for the money.  And if you only need help on a little do-it-yourself project, they are more than willing to give you advice.  Basically, she wants you to feel comfortable and create a successful working relationship to recreate your house into a spectacular St. Louis home.

Mover: A-Mrazek Moving Systems

545 Leffingwell
Kirkwood, MO 63122

A-Mrazek Moving Systems in Kirkwood has won several awards for their excellent moving service in St. Louis.  They will help you all the way from start to finish, across the United States.  They have an abundance of services to choose from: relocation of goods, long term or short term storage in transit, permanent storage, portable storage, and much more.  They will even move your items internationally!  For more information or for your free quote call them today at 314-822-4200.

Title Company: Security Title

131 Prospect Ave Suite B
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Security Title located on Kirkwood Rd deals with title insurance for residential and commercial properties, and they are well versed in new construction since that used to be their specialization.  They serve several areas in the St. Louis county, city and surrounding regions which makes your life much easier.  Everyone needs title insurance, and Security Title has a great staff of people that will make your closings quick and successful.  In addition, they partner with lenders to offer non-traditional packages to better suit clients’ needs.  Call them today at 314-835-4100.

Mortgage Company: Kirkwood Mortgage

142 W Monroe Avenue
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Kirkwood Mortgage specializes in helping clients with any credit history.  They will help you with refinancing, debt consolidation, home improvement loans and home equity lines of credit for people with inadequate to perfect credit reports.  They also offer an ADVANTAGE pre-approval for people buying new homes, which will narrow down houses to a certain price range and shows sellers that the client has already had a background check.  And that makes the actual mortgage process go much smoother and faster.  So if you are in the Kirkwood area, or anywhere in St. Louis, consider letting Kirkwood Mortgage take care of you (314-985-0138).

Inspector:  Aaron Mayer of Housewarming Home Inspections

Kirkwood, MO 63122

Aaron Mayer of Housewarming Home Inspections in Kirkwood, Missouri is a certified ASHI home inspector and has completed over 1500 home inspections around the St. Louis area.  He is also FHA/HUD certified and brings with him an enormous amount of skill that will leave you feeling confident.  Also, whenever you call the office, instead of a trainee answering the phone, you will get an experienced inspector that is sure to answer all your questions and needs.  He will usually get you a lower price because there is no big franchise that receives part of the payment, and he can even outsource some testings if the client so chooses.  Call Aaron today at 314-323-7458.

Appraiser: Michael Hess Appraisal Inc.

10502 Manchester Rd
St. Louis, MO 63122

Michael Hess Appraisal Inc. is one of the leading providers of appraisals in St. Louis’s real estate market.  They are dedicated to clients and service and want to help you in any way they can.  They are also aware that many people are on budgets, so they try to lower the costs as much as possible and keep prices competitive with the industry.  Additionally, you will never experience the call and wait, call and wait, phone tag process of many other businesses because they are smaller and are truly there to serve the clients.  So give Michael Hess Appraisal in Kirkwood a try and call them today at 314-822-9411.

Survey Company: James Engineering and Surveying Company

10811 Big Bend Blvd
Kirkwood, MO 63122

James Engineering and Surveying Company is conveniently located off Big Bend Road in Kirkwood, Missouri.  They have consistently proven success for over 40 years in the St. Louis area.  And because they have been in business locally for so long, they have gathered a large amount of information on St. Louis and the surrounding areas.  Those notes and the experience of the professionals help to make it an excellent choice for land surveying needs.  They strive for quality, accurate and concise data which is exactly what you need when surveying.  Call them today at 314-822-1006.

Insurance: Lombardi Insurance Agency

10726 Manchester Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Lombardi Insurance Agency is licensed in both Missouri and Illinois.  Located off Kirkwood Rd. in Kirkwood means it is easily accessible and in a great area for out of the office meetings.  They specialize in complete insurance packaged through one or more companies since 1972.  So instead of having your auto with one team and your life with another, Lombardi makes it organized and easier.  With their knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, they will work with you to find the best deals for the coverage you want.  Call them today for all you Kirkwood insurance needs at 314-966-2218.

Closet Organizing: Beyond Storage

2033 Concourse Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

Beyond Storage has been organizing St. Louis closets for 25 years and is part of the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals.  They are a non-franchised company that offers both wall and floor systems and include the “as long as you own your home” guarantee.  And not only that, but they guarantee to beat all St. Louis’s competitors’ prices by 5% on identical designs and materials!  Plus you can see all the systems and examples at their 2500 square foot showroom before making a decision.  Call them today at 314-997-2688.

Bathroom/Kitchen: Kirkwood Kitchen and Bath Design

945 S Kirkwood Rd
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Mon-Thurs: 8am-8pm
Fri: 8am-4pm
Sat: 10am-2pm

When you are updating your kitchen and bathrooms, you want experience, knowledge and service.  Kirkwood kitchen and bath has been a locally owned business since 1969 and will work hard to design your home to your liking at an affordable price.  They take you through the whole process starting in the showroom and then working with you to discover your goals in the layout.  Once it’s been approved, their knowledgeable staff will suggest contractors who will bid on the project.  And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the showroom is open late during the week and has Saturday hours! Find them at 945 S. Kirkwood Road or call them at 314-822-4100.

Home Designers:  D. L. Design and Architectural Design

710 S Kirkwood Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63122

Kirkwood has tons of little shops but when you need serious home design help, go to D.L Design and Architectural Design.  Whether you are remodeling, adding on, or building a new home, they have numerous examples for you to work with.  They want to make your dream home and are always willing to accommodate builders with quick and efficient home plans.  They even design multi-family housing and commercial properties!  Check out their portfolio online at dldesign.com or call them at 314-822-3620.

Builders:  Agape Construction Company

435 E. Clinton
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm

Agape Construction in Kirkwood, Missouri has won several awards for service in home remodeling in St. Louis.  They have been building and remodeling for over 20 years and the staff has over 200 years combined experience.  In 2008 they received the Better Business Bureau Touch award because of outstanding service to their clients.  When you look for builders, it’s hard to find a group you can trust.  If you look at the mission statement, you will find that honesty and exceptional skill are what make Agape Construction an award winning firm in St. Louis. Give them a call today for your free consultation at 314-909-9050 (extension 104) and to personally talk with one of the owners.

Surveyor: James Engineering and Survey Co INC

10811 Big Bend Road
Kirkwood, MO
(314) 822-1006

James Engineering and Surveying Company has consistently proven success for over 40 years in the St. Louis area. And because they have been in business locally for so long, they have gathered a large amount of information on St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Those notes and the experience of the professionals help to make it an excellent choice for land surveying needs. They strive for quality, accurate and concise data which is exactly what you need when surveying.



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