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Town and Country Neighborhoods

Buckland Road

Buckland RoadThe Buckland Road neighborhood is off Buckland Hall Road and Mason Road in Town and Country.  Here you’ll find large, million dollar estates, usually with 6,000 square feet or more.  The subdivision is surrounded by beautiful foliage and has great access to Queeny Park right across the street.  The homes in this neighborhood are part of the Parkway School District and will eventually go to Parkway West High School.  However, there are many private schools close by if that suits the family better.



Claymark Drive

Claymark DriveThere are many subdivisions found off Clayton Road, including Claymark Drive.  Here you’ll find large estates, usually with 3,000 square feet or more.  Pricing varies as does the sizing of the houses, but most hover around the $750,000 to one million dollar marker.  Nearly all of Town and Country is in the Parkway School District, and Claymark Drive is no different.  But Parkway is a great district, ranked highly in the city.  Because there are so few houses found in the neighborhood, there has not been much movement in the past year.  If you have your heart set, be ready to pounce on every possibility!


Covington Place

Covington PlaceCovington Place Estates is a small subdivision of fewer than ten homes.  It is also conveniently located along Clayton Road, close to I-270 and Ballas Road.   According to the Multiple Listing Service, there has not been a listing in this neighborhood in five years.  But when they did sell, the price was over one million dollars for 4,500 square feet.  Town and Country is known for housing several affluent families, and Covington Place Estates is certainly no exception.  There are private schools located right around the corner from Covington Place. Otherwise, children attend the Parkway School District.  Plus St. Johns Mercy and Missouri Baptist Medical Center are just minutes away.


Highland Pointe

Highland PointeThe Highland Pointe subdivision is off Highland Pointe Drive and Clayton Road, just minutes from 270.  Town and Country is a very prosperous city and the homes found in Highland Pointe aren’t afraid to display their wealth. In fact, they usually have more than 5,000 square feet and can sell for well over one million dollars.   However, there has been only one home sold in the past year and only one more that’s on the market.  So if you know you’ve found your dream home, you just might have to wait to get it.



LochinvarThe quiet neighborhood of Lochinvar can be found along South Mason Road, close to Clayton Road.  Here you’ll find large, multi-million dollar estates, usually with 6,000 square feet or more.  It is a very small neighborhood, consisting of only a few homes.  For this reason, there has not been a “For Sale” sign along Lochinvar Drive since 2004.  Another great thing about living in Lochinvar is that your children will attend on of the best school districts in the area, Parkway.  And it’s right across the street from the beautiful Queeny Park.


Mason Grove

Mason GroveThe Mason Grove neighborhood can be found at Mason Road and Mason Grove Lane.  Here you’ll find large estates with at least 4,000 square feet.  The styles may vary, but most of the houses can sell for over one million dollars.  It’s a small, neighborly community, so many people who choose to live here, stay here.  Plus, it’s right around the corner from Manchester Road which leads to great shopping and dining.  And it’s part of the Parkway School District, so you know your children will be getting a great education.  And with Queeny Park only minutes away, it’s no wonder people move here to stay here.


Mason Manor Estates

Mason Manor EstatesThe Mason Manor Estates is a small neighborhood found right around Mason Road and Manchester.  Here you’ll find several different types of townhomes and apartments to either lease or buy.  If you plan to buy one of the condos/townhomes, expect to see prices between $175,000 up to $200,000.  If you want to lease the space, it’s usually around $1,200-1,500, but they come with two or three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in about 1,500 square feet of space.  Plus Manchester Road is right around the corner for all your shopping needs.  And there’s even a kennel right down the street!


Mason Oaks

The neighborhood of Mason Oaks is a small neighborhood including Kings Glen Drive and Cross Land Drive.  Town and Country is notorious for large homes, and Mason Oaks is no different.  These four bedroom homes usually have around 3,000 square feet and can sell for the upper $600,000’s.  But you’re not just paying for a big house; you’re paying for a great education for the kids, a nearby park, church and shopping center.  For those reasons, there has not been much activity on the market in the past year. In fact, only one home has been sold, with no others on the market.  But it’s a great neighborhood that’s worth waiting for.


Mason Valley

Mason ValleyThe Mason Valley neighborhood is a large grouping of homes off Mason Road and Peacock Farm Road.  Here you’ll find larger homes, usually with 2,500 square feet or more.  The styles and sizes vary, but they usually sell for around $400,000-$600,000.  When you move into Mason Valley, you can rest assured that your children will be getting a great education in the Parkway School District.  Plus it’s conveniently located right across the street from Queen Park for all your exercise and outdoors needs.  It’s a very popular neighborhood, and already eight homes have been sold in the past year.

Mason Valley is known for having big neighborhood events.  Some of these include the Christmas Eve Luminaries and the Labor Day Picnic, where there’s football, food and of course, a giant-slip-n-slide.  Now there is a new tradition called “Common Ground Beautification Days” in both spring and fall.  Neighbors will plant trees and shrubs to help stabilize stream bank erosion.  Good job Mason Valley!

Park Place

Park PlacePark Place is a small subdivision nestled in between Mason Valley and Van Courtland Place directly across from Queeny Park on Mason Road.  According to the Multiple Listing Service, there has not been a listing in this neighborhood in five years.  But when they did sell, the price was over one million dollars for 6,000 square feet.  Since there are so few homes in this gated community, it is no surprise that few have sold.  Also, the residents here have really made it home by adding their own tennis courts and pools.  But if you have found the house that you just can’t live without, then it’s certainly worth waiting for.


Princeton Place

Princeton PlaceThe Princeton Place neighborhood in Town and Country can be found at Clayton Road and Tammany Lane.  Here you’ll find large houses, usually with 3,000 square feet or more.  With a great school district, like Parkway, you can be assured that your children will get a great education.  But Principia School is also right across the street, and there are tons of other private schools in the area if that’s what the family prefers.  Even though it’s a larger neighborhood in Town and Country, there still hasn’t been that much activity in the past year.  But living on this quiet, secluded street is a great investment.  And with it’s close proximity to major highways like I-64 and shopping centers, it’s no wonder the people who live here don’t like to leave.

Van Courtland Place

Van Courtland PlaceThe neighborhood of Van Courtland Place can be found right across the street from Queeny Park on Mason Road on Van Courtland Place Drive.  The homes here are around 3,000 square feet or more and can sell for around $500,000.   Because it’s a smaller neighborhood, they don’t see much action on the real estate market.  So if you want to move into this popular neighborhood, you have to be able to act quickly when one catches your eye.

Van Courtland Place is known for a couple of big events in Town and Country. The biggest and most familiar is the Halloween Party and Chili Cookoff.  Residents enjoy chili, food and fun before everyone goes out trick-or-treating.  Then there’s a vote for the best chili!  Van Courtland is also home to the September picnic on the common ground.

Weston Place

Weston PlaceIf you love the great outdoors, then Weston Place neighborhood should be a top priority.  Conveniently located right off Mason Road at Weston Park Drive, this subdivision has it all.  The homes are large, multi-million dollar estates, and for good reason.  Many of the backyards back right into Queeny Park, and the others are full of lush, green trees and beautiful landscaping.   Plus it’s right next to the intersection of Mason and Clayton, making access to major highways fast and easy.  It is difficult to find a “For Sale” sign in the beautiful, private neighborhood, but when you find a listing, you’ll know you’ve struck gold.