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Town and Country Restaurants

Hot & Sour

45 Forum Shopping Center
Chesterfield MO 63017-3006

This restaurant is a great stop for those craving the spicy flavors of Indian food or traditional Chinese.  The environment is warm with friendly service.  They have affordable specials for every meal so you can satisfy your taste buds at any budget.  Hot and Sour is a privately owned restaurant that will leave you with a smile on your face.  Come on down and join them!

Bacana Brasil

16123 Chesterfield Parkway West
Chesterfield, MO 63017

This Brazilian Restaurant is the choice for anyone who wants to try new and tasty dishes.  Just sit and be taken in by the mouthwatering smells and attentive environment.  You will leave with a full on top choice steaks and the freshest seafood, and still have money in your wallet for your morning cup of coffee.  No worries for the vegetarians out there, Bacana Brasil has plenty of options for you too including a great salad bar.

Gianfabio’s Fine Italian Café

127 Hilltown Village Ctr
Town and Country MO 63017

Come and experience the best that West County has to offer at the finest Italian Cuisine restaurant around.  Gianfabio’s features a combination of flavors for any food lover.  You will feel thrown into a cultural tailspin upon entering this warm, friendly cafe.  The service is great and the food spectacular.  The bread tastes like it’s baked fresh under the Tuscan Sun!

Andria’s Steakhouse

16125 Chesterfield Parkway
Town and Country MO 63017

This is a steakhouse in every sense of the word.  Andria’s is not lacking in any area of flavor.  They have great service with a quaint, home kitchen atmosphere that will allow for the perfect dining experience.  The smells will leave you anxious, and the food will leave you wanting more with no place to put it!  Go and experience everything Andria’s has to offer.

Morgan Le Fay’s Tapas Bar and Lounge

14312 S Outer 40 Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63017-5710
(314) 317-9181

Elegant meets casual at this popular neighborhood eatery.  Stop in for their different varieties of Tapas, and additional amazing dishes.  Sip on a drink and watch the game, come in on the weekends and enjoy free live music, stop by on your lunch break and grab a tasty bite to eat.  With extremely reasonable prices, you can even have an upscale night out, without the cost!

Bistro 1130

1130 Town and Country Crossing Drive
Town and Country, MO 63017-0607
(636) 394-1130

Want to take a quick getaway to a Paris Bistro for fine dining?  Come to Bistro 1130 in Town and Country instead and enjoy the same, authentic French tastes without the expense.  Sit down and relax as the traditions of French culinary culture are brought to your table for you to enjoy.



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