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University City Real Estate

University City Real Estate



University City is a suburb of Mid-County St. Louis that was shaped by Washington University.  There are well-planned neighborhoods, two huge parks, a great school district that’s part of Project Appleseed and even more opportunity.  It’s a town full of eclectic and diverse cultures, helping everyone feel at home.

In the Delmar Boulevard Section of the city (more formerly known as The Loop) visitors will find several local restaurants and shopping boutiques.  The residents here are not afraid to try new things, respecting different cultures.  In fact, you’ll find that one area of the boulevard is named after President Obama.

But there’s more to U. City than the Loop.  It is also home to about 40,000 diverse residents in a six square mile area.  There has always been a strong emphasis on urban design and development, and it shows through the brick buildings found all throughout the city.  Plus there is soon to be a trolley system that runs all throughout the main drag.

U. City is a great place to live, and the people who live there show that by how well they keep their homes.  You’ll find lots of diversity, which means a big range of pricing for homes.   Here are the averages from 2008:

  • Detached houses: $244,026
  • Townhouses or attached units: $254,407
  • In 2-unit structures: $214,689
  • In 3-4-unit structures: $176,426
  • In 5-or-more unit structures: $178,326

The homes in U. City used to be less than the average in the U.S., but now they are a higher value.  The median list price is around $159,900, but the median sale price is closer to $275,000.  University City homes are a hot commodity here in St. Louis, with almost 40 homes sold in July and over 400 in the past year.

Since 1902, U. City has been helping people from all backgrounds, feel welcome.  It continues to look for new ways to integrate different ideas while maintaining the same structure it set out to accomplish more than 100 years ago.




University City Amenities:


Amusement park
Clothing store
Convenience store
Post office
Shopping mall



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