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23 Feb Things to Consider Before Leasing a Commercial Warehouse

If you want to lease warehouse space and it’s your first time, this task can be intimidating. You may not know exactly what you are looking for -or what you don’t wish to find. Warehouse space can range from manufacturing and distribution to storage. Each property you will come across will have its specific requirements and obligations. It’s essential to understand the particular use of the property and be sure to ask the landlord, owner, and commercial realtor as many questions as possible to ensure the space will meet your needs.

Here are our pointers to assist you to choose a perfect space in St. Louis for your business.

Operating expenses
You need to understand whatever is included and excluded in the operating costs. Typically, operation costs include insurance, taxes as well as maintenance. Get to know what your landlord will pay for and what you’ll pay.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Most industrial buildings aren’t delivered with full HVAC. In this case, it is the responsibility of the tenant to install their own HVAC units. In most cases, you’ll find that another person leased the space you intend to hire, and they had installed HVAC unit. Since you don’t know how the unit was maintained, do not consider assuming the responsibility for a unit that is potentially neglected.

You can negotiate with the property owner that you’ll pay to keep the HVAC unit that exists. But, if the existing unit requires replacement or major repair, your landlord should take on the responsibility. So, before you can sign the lease, ask the landlord to ensure the units are inspected and repaired. The report should be certified in writing by an HVAC-certified technician.

Parking Area
Is the parking concrete or asphalt? Parking lots are essential, and they require maintenance. Some landlords will make you pay for that. Maintenance and repairs should be the responsibility of the property owner since it’s a long term expense and it’s always part of value calculations for the property in future. Will you need the parking lot for your vehicles or trucks? Make sure you can park them there.

Square footage
Some property owners calculate the square footage in a different way. Ensure that you understand how they are doing the calculations and what they include. Ideally, you should be paying for the usable square footage, and that’s the space you’ll occupy. Some landlords will calculate the space from outside the wall vs. the inside or middle.

The electrical power in the property of your choice should be sufficient enough for your needs. You require 3 phase power? Well, confirm with the landlord first. However, if the property owner doesn’t know, consider hiring an electrical engineer or an electrician to evaluate the building. You don’t want to start blowing transformers just because the property has insufficient amperage and power, or realized its underpowered later.

Options for expansion
Ask the commercial realtor or the landlord if the other tenants do have renewal options. It’s always good to have this information especially if you plan on expanding in the near future. In case the adjacent residents have an expansion option on the space you are leasing, negotiate with the landlord so that you will move at the owner’s expense.

How high is the ceiling? If you plan on using the building to stack equipment or products or you will be operating large equipment, you need to make sure that you know the limits. Heights usually range from 18-25 ft.

The building you choose should be zoned for your use. If it’s not, you or your landlord will have to apply for the zoning change. You can decide to search for another building. Additionally, ensure the parking ratio is sufficient. If you need more, you’ll have to consider other buildings.

When you choose to lease from us, all these factors will be considered, and we will offer all the data you need to ensure that you make an informed decision. We want you to evaluate our St. Louis properties carefully before signing the lease. We do all this because we believe in customer satisfaction, and building healthy and sustainable relationships with our clients. Contact us so that we can address your need. You can also call or email us for inquiries.

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