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04 Dec Tips and Tricks for Buyers

So you’re thinking about moving? Whether you’re just getting starting in your home search or maybe you’ve been searching tirelessly, purchasing a home is a huge deal! There are so many unknowns to navigate. What are the most desirable neighborhoods, how much should we really spend, is this the right home for us? These only a few of the questions you’ll be asking over the next few months as you search for the right property.

Tips and tricks while searching…

Get pre-approved. Being pre-approved will help you know what you can truly afford, it will also be an essential piece of the puzzle when submitting an offer. If you’re not pre-approved and you find a house you love, the offer should include a pre-approval, having one ready will speed up the process and strengthen your offer.

Narrow your target neighborhood. In a large city it’s often hard to decide between various neighborhoods. Check out a couple of properties in each area you’re interested in. You’ll start to weed out the ones that aren’t as appealing and it will become easier to focus on a specific area.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. In the current age of technology, it’s easy to pass by a potentially good property based on poor photos or a lack of knowledge. I passed over my home
several times before giving in and viewing it. Turns out the photos were a poor representation of what the home had to offer!

Choose a buyer’s agent. Picking an agent to work with cost you NOTHING and gives you the best representation. As you tour more homes with your agent, they are able to pick up on your wants and needs, thus directing you towards homes that are better suited to you. When it comes time to negotiate, it’s always best to have an agent you trust working on your behalf, and since the sellers pay the commission, the service comes at no cost to you!

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