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Runaway Shopping Cart Super Bowl Video with Adam Kruse

01 Feb VIDEO: Runaway Shopping Cart Hero – Treat Every Day Like It’s Big Football Game Sunday

NFL Superbowl Hermann London Logo Runaway Shopping Cart Hero Video with Adam Kruse

Don’t just wait until THE BIG GAME, treat every day like it is Big Football Game Sunday!











The Hermann London Real Estate Group is located in the heart of downtown Maplewood on Manchester Avenue right across the street from a large strip mall parking lot that includes a grocery store. The Hermann London offices are on the 2nd floor and has a great view of this parking lot, and every once in a while a stiff breeze will take one of the grocery store parking lots and ram it right into someone’s parked car. If anyone at the office happens to catch one of these carts in action, all they can do is yell to the other people in the office to come watch because there is no way anyone will be able to get to the cart in time to save some innocent person’s paint job — that is until today! This video shows what happens when you really believe in yourself and know how to creatively edit video to make it look like you have super human hearing and speed. Adam Kruse, the owner/broker of Hermann London, is the lucky hero in this video which just so happened to coincide with Super Bowl LIV weekend which is why there are drawings on the screen and a football logo.

Email questions to PODCAST@HermannLondon.com

Adam Kruse-https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/adam-kruse/


Website http://hermannlondon.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HermannLondon/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/HermannLondon

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hermannlondonrealtors/

Address – 7350 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63143

Phone Number – 314-802-0797

Search For Homes on http://www.wizah.com/

Producer – Joey Vosevich


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