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18 Sep Walking Eads Bridge in St. Louis

Around August 22nd, 2020 the city of St. Louis closed the iconic Eads Bridge to vehicle traffic so that pedestrians could fully and safely enjoy the views of the riverfront. There have always been sidewalks on the bridge but being able to walk in the street without the worry and noise of cars is a whole new experience that everyone should try, especially during a sunset.

Eads Bridge became a famous image of the city of St. Louis, from the time of its erection in 1874 until 1965 when the Arch was completed. On June 14th, 1874 an elephant was walked across the bridge to prove that it was safe.  It was popular belief that elephants had instincts to avoid walking on unsafe structures. Two weeks later 14 locomotives were sent back and forth across the bridge at one time. There was an opening day parade held on July 4, 1874, 15 miles long through the streets of St. Louis.

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