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14 Oct What Is Your Favorite “Welcome to Maplewood” Sign?

Our office is in Maplewood, Missouri and there are a few different signs around town that welcome us back home. Do you have a favorite?

TOP LEFT: This large wooden sign sits on a hill behind the Sunnen complex at the corner of Manchester Road and South Hanley Road.

TOP RIGHT: This mosaic made up of different building materials is on the Metrolink bridge over Manchester at South Hanley Road. Maplewood is spelled forwards on one side and backwards on the other side.

BOTTOM LEFT: This large stone monogram stands for Maplewood Richmond Heights, which is the name of the school district. It is located on the Maplewood Richmond Heights Highschool field along Manchester Road and Big Bend.

BOTTOM RIGHT: This collection of large letters is located at the newly renovated Citizen’s National Bank park. The park was updated in 2020 and is across the street from Citizen’s National Bank at Manchester Road and Marshall Avenue.

Check Out Our Video Tour of Maplewood from 2015

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