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16 Jan Ask The Experts: What Can Sellers Do to Increase Their Property Value?

We asked the experts (our agents) what they think sellers can do to increase their property values. Below are their responses. As you will see…it takes just a few small updates, some cleaning and deodorizing to make your property more presentable for sale. Contact one of our awesome agents for all your real estate needs.

Adam Kruse I wish they would paint!!!


Nidhi Everett Declutter and take down personal pics or religious items.



Jamie Speckhard What’s that smell?



Nicholas Albright I wish all sellers would update window curtains and light fixtures. It is one of the easiest and most aesthetically appealing upgrades that almost anyone could make.




Alicia Sierra Fresh paint and color on the front door….landscaping. …curb appeal!




Larry Kruse My best sellers are the ones that I can transition them from realizing that this is “my” house, if the buyer doesn’t like it, they don’t have to buy it …. To … A mindset that this was my house that I built memories in .. And, nobody can take them away … But I realize that my house is now a “product” that has to be marketed in a very competitive area. Neutralize.


Holly Laws Declutter!! Get rid of some furniture, knick knacks, personal pictures to make the home look larger, cleaner and more neutral.



Dyan Hecht Sanitize clean and eliminate odors, potpourri, candles, heavy plugins only mask a real problem.




Shannon St. Pierre First, Declutter, declutter, declutter. Next, clean -top to bottom…a true “white glove” treatment (meaning that one should be able to walk in with a pair of white gloves and touch any surface, any baseboard, etc and the gloves remain white!) and last but not least, Paint – refresh the most important rooms: Front room where they enter, kitchen, master…



Kori Hetzel Paint in neutral colors! Painting is such an easy fix and can make your property appealing to even more people. Also, this way, buyers won’t get hung up on that one room that is painted an obnoxious color!



Kelly Militzer Same goes for rentals!!

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